Colorado Food & Agriculture Gift Guide

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Handmade goat milk soap from the Western slope. 18 scents to choose from in various shapes 

and sizes. We also have body butter, fresh goat milk lotion, foot balms, solid lotion bars, aluminum 

free deodorant, bath bombs,soap dishes, and glycerin loofah bars. Gift baskets available. Custom 

orders welcome! All natural, no detergents or parabens. The perfect drink for your thirsty skin. 

Check out our web site and order on-line!


Mind to Spirit Pathways Colorado * Mystic T Ranch * Mountain High 


Joe Phillips or Cynthia Hoffman Phillips

PO Box 99

Central City, CO 80427

(303) 582-0352 or (303) 582-5052 or or

Our artists design & create Wood Gift Products out of recycled Colorado Pines & Aspens plus 

Wildlife & Nature Paintings, Jewelry, Hand-made Soaps, 100% Soy candles and Needle Crafts. 

Our wood products include: blue stain pine hand-turned bowls & vases, ornamental wood boxes, 

wine holders, candle & tea light holders, tea racks, wood totes, wood chests & trunks, yarn holders, 

quilt racks, foot stools, fi replace mantles, pine bookcases, rustic pine yard benches, ornamental 

yard signs, yard ornaments & outdoor furniture, bird houses, bat houses, and wind chimes. We 

also design & create unique hand-carved Aspen walking sticks. Our on-site artist designs & 

creates natural stone, clay, wood & glass bead jewelry, wildlife and pet paintings, wildlife rock art, 

Christmas ornaments, assorted needlework, quilts, recycled feed bag totes and more. Our other 

products include 100% soy candles, goat milk & glycerine soaps. We sell yak fi ber for spinning 

from Registered North American Tibetan yaks that we raise and sell at our Mystic T Ranch. 

We raise and sell Registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats. Custom orders for special request 

products are welcome. Many of our products for sale are displayed at the Mountain Menagerie 

located in Central City, Colorado.


Mulay’s Sausage

Loree Mulay Weisman

1610 Pace St., Unit 900 #300

Longmont, 80504

(970) 349-1423

Mulay’s Sausage is carefully crafted from Old World family recipes. Since 1326, our family heritage 

and our commitment to quality have endured! Mulay’s has been ahead of trends for centuries 

using only Antibiotic Free Pork that is vegetarian fed and raised responsibly. All of our products 

are made with old world, traditional recipes and taste so good!  The fact that they are all certifi ed 

Gluten Free and Allergen Free and have NO Sugar, no nitrates, no MSG, no no soy or dairy in 

them is an added bonus.  Our sausages are Certifi ed PALEO Friendly and Whole30 compliant!  

Enjoy our Original Hot Italian, Mild Italian, Killer Hot, Breakfast, Bratwurst and Chorizo.  All fl avors 

available at Natural Grocers and Breakfast Link and Chorizo are available at King Soopers.

Let Mulay’s take you back to a slower, simpler time when food was made to be enjoyed, and 

family and friends truly appreciated! 


Overkill Hot Sauce

Leslie Howard

9616 Metro Airport Ave., Hangar 44

Broomfi eld, CO  80021

(303) 882-5968

Made in small batches to ensure freshness. Our hot sauce, award winning candied jalapenos and 

salsa are superior in quality. Overkill Hot Sauce brings together the hottest hot sauces and salsa 

to one location for your shopping enjoyment. 1st place Scovie Award 2015, 2nd place World Hot 

Sauce Award, currently a participant in the Chile Pepper Awards. Peace love and peppers!


Primo Specialty Foods

PO Box 100756

Denver, CO  80250-0756

(303) 570-9189

“Craft preserves made by hand to pair with artisan cheese. Flavors include: Strawberry Ancho, 

Blackberry Serrano, Raspberry Habanero, Blueberry Jalapeno, Spiced Cherry, and Berry Pasilla. 

We also offer Samplers and an elegant Gift Set. Perfect for entertaining, gifting and gourmet 

boxes. Available on, and”.



Tess Leach

22500 Peyton Hwy. South

Colorado Springs, CO  80928

(719) 683-7960

High end leather products made on a working ranch in Colorado. 100% US made.


Red Rocks Toffee Company

Peter Dewolf

19336 Goddard Ranch Ct., #220

Morrison, CO  80465

(303) 923-8066

Twitter: @redrockstoffee


The most delicious Colorado Style Almond Toffee, ever (stated by our reviewers/fans). Hand/

heart made, small batched, hand-packed at Elev. 7011 ft. Custom labeling for business gifting 

our pleasure.


Roberta’s Chocolates

Roberta Poirier

4840 W. 29th Avenue

Denver, CO  80212

(303) 824-2069

Truffl ies, assorted chocolates, fudge, novelty chocolates, old time candy, peanut butter cups

turtles, chocolate gifts, holiday chocolates, nuts and chocolate bacon and gift baskets.


Syntax Distillery and Cocktail Bar

Heather Bean

625 3rd Street, Unit C

Greeley, CO 80631

(970) 352-5466

The Syntax Distillery makes handcrafted, award-winning whiskey, rum, vodka, gin, and more 

from grain-to-glass in northern Colorado. We make everything we sell by hand, in small batches 

from ingredients sourced as locally as possible.


Tenacious Thurman LLC

Jaffe Rissman

PO Box 4333

Basalt, CO  81621

(970) 279-1226

This is the “Aspen Extreme” of HOT Sauces. It’s blazing brew of Habanero, Cucumber, and Basil. 

It will make you sweat on a powder day and have you craving more. Ignite your tacos, fi re up your 

bloody mary, and add an extra sizzle to your eggs. This sauce will ad the perfect amount of spice 

and fl avor to all of your favorie foods!


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