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Kaolin Clay-

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**Note: Sq. foot conversion to number of beds in the table below is approximate. The range of how much Kaolin to apply per sq. foot is wide and therefore extreme accuracy in space application isn’t crucial.**

Bed Size

150 sq ft


one 50 foot bed

Bed Size

300 sq feet


one 100 foot bed

Bed Size

650 sq feet or

two 100 foot beds

Bed Size

1,000 sq feet


three 100 foot beds

Bed Size

1,300sq ft


four 100 foot beds

½ gallon


1 gallon ../../../desktop/img_0042.jpg

2 gallons ../../../desktop/img_0042.jpg

3 gallons ../../../desktop/img_0058.jpg

4 gallons


¼ pound OR

1 and ½ cups ../../../desktop/img_0048.jpg../../../desktop/img_0054.jpg

½ pound OR

3 cups ../../../desktop/img_0048.jpg

1 pound OR

6 cups ../../../desktop/img_0048.jpg

1 ½ pounds OR 9 cups ../../../desktop/img_0048.jpg

2 pounds OR

12 cups ../../../desktop/img_0048.jpg



½ gallon



1 gallon



2 gallons



3 gallons



4 gallons

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Miximage result for icon for shaking a bottle

Mix image result for icon for shaking a bottle

Mix image result for icon for shaking a bottle

Miximage result for icon for shaking a bottle

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Kaolin Clay

  1. Wear mask while mixing

dust mask, protection, protection devices, building

  1. Mix in bucket first. Then put in sprayer. Shake often while using!!

image result for icon for shaking a bottleimage result for icon for shaking a bottle../../../desktop/img_0058.jpg

  1. Add the powder slowly to approximately 1/4 of the water you will be using, stir and mix well by shaking vigorously for 30 seconds.

  2. Add the remaining ¾ of the water and shake for an additional 30 seconds.

  3. When finished, spray until the container is empty and flush the sprayer system hoses by running clean water through. Leftover mix can be stored at room temperature. Use within 2 weeks to avoid spoilage. Rinse the sprayer thoroughly when finished and again before mixing or spraying the next batch.

Kaolin Clay – Surround WP

  • Derived from Kaolin clay, a natural mineral. Forms a barrier that acts to control insect pests and disease.

  • Tiny particles of the kaolin clay powder attach to insects when they contact it, agitating and repelling them. Even if the particles do NOT attach to their bodies, the insects find the coated plant/ fruit unsuitable for feeding and egg-laying.

  • Protects against sunburn and heat stress.

  • Protective white film cools plants by up to 15°F, which can help to reduce heat and water stress.

Pests and Heat Stress

Cucumber beetles, Potato Beatle, Cut Worms, Grasshoppers, Gypsy Moths, Japanese Beetles, Leaf Roller, Leafhoppers, Stink Bugs, Thrips

  • Effective for pests with antennas – clay gets stuck in antennas and disorients

Where to Buy

Country Farm and Home

101 S Small Street, Pittsboro, NC 27312

Fifth Season

106 S Greensboro St Ste D, Carrboro, NC 27510


5 lb: $28.00

25 lb: $40.00 - $57.00
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