Colorado Food & Agriculture Gift Guide

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CopperMuse Distillery

Jason Hevelone

244 N. College Ave.

Fort Collins, CO  80524

(970) 999-6016

CopperMuse Distillery hand-crafts distinctive taste experiences that push outside classical 

boundaries of mainstream, corporate spirit producers. Our artisan vodkas, rums, whiskeys and 

liqueurs are honed to meet the fl avor and sensory preferences of our craft-loving customers. 

People rave about the lively and welcoming experience when they visit our distillery and adjoining 

restaurant. We offer free tours to learn more about the distilling process and how CopperMuse 

spirits are made. Special Holiday gift baskets (Bloody Mary, Mule, Gold ‘n’ Stormy or Martini) and 

bottles of our award-winning spirits are available for sale at the distillery. We also have an on-line 

store on our website for various merchandise, branded clothing, and gift cards. Unleash Your 

Muse this holiday season!


Decadence Gourmet

Lee Mathis

2591 Legacy Way

Grand Junction, CO 81503

(970) 256-4688

(970) 241-0771 (fax)

Gourmet Cheesecakes in a Jar®, 16 fl avors of gourmet cheesecakes, including 4 gluten-free, 

in their own recycle glass jar. Savory Craft Spreads, individual savory appetizer cheesecakes, 

perfect for appetizers, dips and spreads. Boxed, packed and shipped in “six packs”. Award-

Winning Colorado-style Southern Chow Chow, our version of this southern staple made with 

green cabbage, tomatillos, spicy hot peppers and more. Sweet heat!


East-West Specialty Sauces Inc.

Jasmine Koyama-Reeves

950 Vallejo St.

Denver, CO 80204

(303) 592-1900

Fax: (303) 592-1910

Asian cooking sauces including sweet ginger teriyaki, spice ginger teriyaki, zesty orange, sizzling 

stir-fry sauce and sesame soy vinaigrette.


GrassRoots Meat

Lois Higgins

945 County Road 973

Ignacio, CO  81137

(970) 582-0166

GrassRoots Meats, located in southern Colorado, provides all natural beef and lamb, organic 

chicken, and all natural Berkshire pork. Our cattle and sheep are 100% grass fed and grass 

fi nished (never any grain). Our free range chickens are raised by a producing partner, have 

access to pasture, and are supplemented with organic, non-GMO grains. Our Berkshire hogs are 

raised by a producing partner in the San Luis Valley of southern colorado, and besides pasture 

forage are supplemented with sprouted, non-GMO wheat, milo, oats, and peas, as well as alfalfa 

and grass hay, and are never fed any corn or soy beans. We also offer summer sausage, beef 

sticks, and beef jerky, all made from our own meat. In addition to offering individual cuts of meat, 

we also have a large variety of meat packages, ranging from $75 to $300. We ship primarily 

throughout the western United States, but can ship to anywhere within the continental USA via 

UPS Second Day Air.


High Plains Spice Company

BJ and Lacey

312 Main Street, Unit A

Sterling, CO  80751

(866) 570-1425

High Plains Spice Company is a family owned and operated spice and specialty food shop located 

in beautiful downtown Sterling, Colorado. We specialize in gourmet spices, herbs, blends, rubs, 

salts, loose leaf teas, whole bean coffee, vinegars, balsamic, and anything else that involves 

delicious food! We mix and package all of our products right in house in our state certifi ed kitchen. 

Check out our plethora of gift box choices, and be sure to ask about our corporate gifting programs!


Honey House Distillery

Brett Rosenbaugh

33633 Hwy. 550, Suite A

Durango, CO  81301\

(970) 247-1474

Hand crafted, Small batch Honey Spirits using Honeyville Mountain Wildfl ower Honey. Honey 

House Distillery Distills: Colorado Honey Whiskey, Cinnamon Honey Whiskey, HEX Vodka, and 

Red Cliffs Spiced Rum. Honey House Distillery also produces and sells a variety of mixers in 

collaberation with Honeyville Colorado.



Brett Rosenbaugh

33633 Hwy. 550

Durango, CO  81301

(970) 247-1474

Hand crafted, small batch Mountain Wildfl ower honey, jams, jellies, whipped honeys, sauces and  

drink mixes.


Let Thy Food

Christina Bartel

(720) 295-9380

Plant based creamy dips, dressing and superfood parms made with nutrient, dense, whole 

ingredients. Non-GMO, made with love in Denver by a chef in small batches. Nourishing and 

deliciously decadent quesos, cheddar dips, and a line of exciting, bold fl avors of superfood parms.


Made In Colorado, Inc.

Roberta Poirier

4840 W. 29th Avenue

Denver, CO  80212

(303) 447-7343

Jellies, honey, jerky, wassail, jewelry, ornaments, magnets, mugs, pint glasses, vases, books, 

t-shirts, salsa, soups, teas, syrups, candles, gift baskets and more!


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