Colorado Food & Agriculture Gift Guide

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Made In Colorado, Inc.

Roberta Poirier

4840 W. 29th Avenue

Denver, CO  80212

(303) 447-7343

Jellies, honey, jerky, wassail, jewelry, ornaments, magnets, mugs, pint glasses, vases, books, 

t-shirts, salsa, soups, teas, syrups, candles, gift baskets and more!


Red Rocks Toffee Company

Peter Dewolf

19336 Goddard Ranch Ct., #220

Morrison, CO  80465

(303) 923-8066

Twitter: @redrockstoffee


The most delicious Colorado Style Almond Toffee, ever (stated by our reviewers/fans). Hand/

heart made, small batched, hand-packed at Elev. 7011 ft. Custom labeling for business gifting 

our pleasure.


Roberta’s Chocolates

Roberta Poirier

4840 W. 29th Avenue

Denver, CO  80212

(303) 824-2069

Truffl ies, assorted chocolates, fudge, novelty chocolates, old time candy, peanut butter cups, 

turtles, chocolate gifts, holiday chocolates, nuts and chocolate bacon and gift baskets.



A la Carte Gifts & Baskets, LLC

Cindy Kent

910 16th St., Suite 312

Denver, CO 80202

(303) 454-8844

Celebrating our 22nd year of “Thinking Outside the Basket”! Ordering your next gift is just a 

phone call or e-mail away. Order on-line at if you prefer. We’re just 

like you - we’re busy and we like nice things. That’s why we are proud to be here to serve you! 

Specializing in Colorado made products.


Azteca Gourmet

Lorena Jakubczak

2378 Academy Place

Colorado Springs, CO  80909

(719) 602-9086

Organic, Gluten, GMO, preservative, lard, and soy free Oaxaca style tamales. Savory fl avors 

are wrapped in banana leaf and desserts in corn husk. Savory fl avors come in three versions, 

vegan, vegetarian and 100% grass fed meat. Dessert sweet tamales are tasty combinations of 

the American favorite desserts.


Bee Squared Apiaries

Beth Conrey

1617 White Water Ct.

Berthoud, CO 80513

Cell: 970-213-3099

Bee Squared Apiaries offers chemical-free, raw, unfi ltered LOCAL honey available in a variety of 

package sizes to fi t any budget. Bee Squared makes hand-rolled beeswax candles in 17 different 

colors and 3 different sizes. They are beautifully wrapped in either festive holiday ribbon or all 

natural botanical wrap. Bee Squared also makes all natural soaps in a variety of unique scents. 

See our web site for further information and photos.  


Boca Java

7295 N. Washington St.

Denver, CO  80229

(888) 262-2528

A delicious selection of gourmet coffee gifts along with tea and cocoa. Our gift boxes come ready 

to give and come with everything you need to make the perfect cup.


Chef Cool Enterprises, LLC DBA Trail Magic Sauce

Scott Smith

3051 W. 105th Ave., #351912

Westminster, CO  80031

(303) 475-8542

Three fl avors of BBQ sauces with assorted spice rubs and seasoning blends.


Colorado Aromatics Cultivated Skin Care

Cindy Jones

340 Lashley St., unit 220

Longmont CO 80504

(720) 515-0772


Colorado Aromatics Cultivated Skin Care is a scientifi cally crafted skin care line formulated 

with hard working herbs grown on our Longmont farm. With only real, natural, biodegradable 

ingredients our advanced skin care line is rich in nutrients and antioxidants for real results. Our 

line includes face care, body care, bath/shower products and soaps. We also have several gift 

sets from which to choose and lavender products. Visit our storefront in Longmont.


Colorado Spice

Jean Wallace

6350 Gunpark Drive

Boulder, CO  80301

(303) 800-1500

Full line of high quality spice blends, great for gift baskets or stocking stuffers.


CopperMuse Distillery

Jason Hevelone

244 N. College Ave.

Fort Collins, CO  80524

(970) 999-6016

CopperMuse Distillery hand-crafts distinctive taste experiences that push outside classical 

boundaries of mainstream, corporate spirit producers. Our artisan vodkas, rums, whiskeys and 

liqueurs are honed to meet the fl avor and sensory preferences of our craft-loving customers. 

People rave about the lively and welcoming experience when they visit our distillery and adjoining 

restaurant. We offer free tours to learn more about the distilling process and how CopperMuse 

spirits are made. Special Holiday gift baskets (Bloody Mary, Mule, Gold ‘n’ Stormy or Martini) and 

bottles of our award-winning spirits are available for sale at the distillery. We also have an on-line 

store on our website for various merchandise, branded clothing, and gift cards. Unleash Your 

Muse this holiday season!


East-West Specialty Sauces Inc.

Jasmine Koyama-Reeves

950 Vallejo St.

Denver, CO 80204

(303) 592-1900

Fax: (303) 592-1910

Asian cooking sauces including sweet ginger teriyaki, spice ginger teriyaki, zesty orange, sizzling 

stir-fry sauce and sesame soy vinaigrette.


Decadence Gourmet

Lee Mathis

2591 Legacy Way

Grand Junction, CO 81503

(970) 256-4688

(970) 241-0771 (fax)

Gourmet Cheesecakes in a Jar®, 16 fl avors of gourmet cheesecakes, including 4 gluten-free, 

in their own recycle glass jar. Savory Craft Spreads, individual savory appetizer cheesecakes, 

perfect for appetizers, dips and spreads. Boxed, packed and shipped in “six packs”. Award-

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