Colorado Food & Agriculture Gift Guide

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Totally Colorado - Colorado Black Diamond Salsa

Julie Engel Shrumm

24767 Red Cloud Dr.

Conifer, CO  80433

(303) 748-5000

Healthy salsa! Low in sodium. Lively and full of fl avor! Fresh ingredients!


Two Mile Creek Specialty Foods, LLC

Johnnie Walker

12641 CR 35

Sterling, CO 80751

(970) 261-0258

Two Mile Creek Specialty Foods produces food products that refl ect a credo of ours.......”An 

Unexpected Adventure!” Our Habanero pepper jelly made with apricots and whiskey; our 

watermelon, tomato, and chipotle pepper gourmet grilling and dipping sauce called Wa-To-chi, 

and our Pep R BerryCherry Jam made with strawberries, raspberries, cherries and poblano 

peppers-  all three will truly be an unexpected adventure for anyone’s taste buds! The BEST part 

about giving our products as gifts, they can be used to take a family favorite recipe or favorite dish 

to the next level of culinary enjoyment! Do you like to cook, or do you know somebody that likes 

to grill out or experiment in the kitchen? Our products are the perfect gift for the beginner or “well-

seasoned” cook among your business clients, as well as family and friends. Call 970 261 0258 if 

you would like to order 4 or more 12oz. jars and we will get you a discount on price per jar; and, 

if you order 6 jars or more, we will discount the jar price AND get you a great deal on shipping!! 

Our products are AWESOME Colorado Proud products!!


Vine Spirits Infl used Gelee

Catherine Hamby

4505 S. Yosemite St.

Denver, CO  80237

(303) 885-3745

Spirits infused confections and jelly’s. Organic pectin & fruit. Colorado sourced spirits when 



Winking Girl! Foods

Julie Nirvelli

6480 Garrison St.

Arvada, CO  80004

(720) 490-7690

Winking Girl! Skillet Sauces help to create authentic, Mexican-inspired meals in minutes! Each is 

all natural, gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO. Autentic tasting and versatile, Winking Girl! Salsas 

are the only full line of green tomatillo based salsas on the market. Each is gluten-free, vegan, 

non-GMO, Paleo-friendly, and contains no allergens. Visit us at for recipe ideas, 

upcoming events, where to buy, and more!  



A la Carte Gifts & Baskets, LLC

Cindy Kent

910 16th St., Suite 312

Denver, CO 80202

(303) 454-8844

Celebrating our 22nd year of “Thinking Outside the Basket”! Ordering your next gift is just a 

phone call or e-mail away. Order on-line at if you prefer. We’re just 

like you - we’re busy and we like nice things. That’s why we are proud to be here to serve you! 

Specializing in Colorado made products.


Baklava Unlimited

Janet Heath

1515 Sumner St.

Longmont, CO 80501

(303) 827-3157

Baklava, a mediterranean dessert--we make regular traditional baklava with almonds, a gluden 

free dairy free baklava tart and a gluten free dairy free baklava spread that is delicious on brie, 

as a dip for apple slices and various other combinations.


Decadence Gourmet

Lee Mathis

2591 Legacy Way

Grand Junction, CO 81503

(970) 256-4688

(970) 241-0771 (fax)

Gourmet Cheesecakes in a Jar®, 16 fl avors of gourmet cheesecakes, including 4 gluten-free, 

in their own recycle glass jar. Savory Craft Spreads, individual savory appetizer cheesecakes, 

perfect for appetizers, dips and spreads. Boxed, packed and shipped in “six packs”. Award-

Winning Colorado-style Southern Chow Chow, our version of this southern staple made with 

green cabbage, tomatillos, spicy hot peppers and more. Sweet heat!


Elbert County Marketplace

4189 Hwy. 86 (just east of light on Road 17/21)

Casey Jones Park (indoor Pavilion)

Elizabeth, CO

Elbert County Trading Post is a year-round indoor artisan, craft & farmers’ market designed to 

connect community to artists, farmers and merchants who provide homemade, homegrown and 

original goods. Open 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.



Ellen Daehnick

6195 W. 44th Ave.

Wheat Ridge, CO  80033

(303) 834-7048

Halliemae’s Caramels are retro treats with a twist. Our caramels and sauces are all 

about nostalgia, amped up with great ingredients and technique. Fresh and creamy, 

Halliemae’s Caramels are made with a ton of butter and cream, with fl avors like Sea 

Salt, Whiskey Love Bomb (made with Colorado whiskey), and Espresso. Our small team makes 

everything in our Wheat Ridge production kitchen, a 1950’s service station, and the packaging 

continues our retro theme, in bright colors that look like milk paint on a barn wall. The great 

fl avors, exquiste texture and eye-catching packaging create memorable gifts. New this year: 

we’re open every Saturday for shoppers to visit in person and see how we make our caramels.


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