Colorado Food & Agriculture Gift Guide

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Jellies, honey, jerky, wassail, jewelry, ornaments, magnets, mugs, pint glasses, vases, books, 

t-shirts, salsa, soups, teas, syrups, candles, gift baskets and more!     


Old Town Spice Shop

Sean Godbey

130A S. College Ave.

Fort Collins, CO  80524

(970) 493-7206


Freshly ground and blended spices and seasonings. Perfect for any up and coming home cook 

or chef. Along with rare and unique items such as: Hopped Up Coffee - Locally roasted coffee 

blended with malted barley and hops to mimic different beer styles. Bring a little craft beer into your 

morning cup! Also offering Brewhouse Sauces – a line of craft mustard, hot sauce, bbq sauce and 

beer jelly perfect for every beer lover! BBQ Insects - Crickets, Super worms and Scorpions, these 

edible insects are sure to please the adventurous eaters in your life! Also making Hot Cocoa 

Mixes, Teas and Flavored Sugars bringing wonderful unique fl avors to the holiday festivities. All 

these great things available individually or in gift boxes for the perfect gift!!! 


Paleo Meals to Go

Dawn Anderson

711 S Tyler Ave.

Loveland, CO  80537

(224) 725-3652

Paleo Meals To Go was born out of love and passion for health and exercise, the spirit of the 

great outdoors, and advocacy for a holistic, wholesome Paleo lifestyle. We provide the best in 

class, freeze-dried Paleo meals to those on a path less traveled. Wherever our customers go, 

Paleo Meals To Go gets them there. With unexplored territories on the horizon, backpacking food 

that gets back to your roots and to your adventure is our prerogative. We balance experience with 

passion, providing the ultimate combination of nutrition, taste, and convenience to enhance the 

journey ahead. We currently offer 5 meat dishes including Mountain Beef Stew, Summit Savory 

Chicken, Bedrock Beef Chili, Canyon Chicken Chili, and Caldera Chicken Curry. Our breakfast 

options include Cliffside Coconut Berry, Butte Cacao Banana, and Palisade Pineapple Mango. All 

of our meals are gluten-free, soy-free, milk-free, preservative-free, additive-free, and grain-free, 

especially helpful for those with dietary restrictions. Great for travel, outdoor adventure, athletic 

competitions, hunting and more! 


Redemption Road Coffee

Jessica Harsch

3701 Roberts St.

Mead, CO  80542

(630) 272-0064

Fresh roasted coffee, Afi can hand carved spoons, coffee soap, coffee golf balls, coffee mugs and 

coffee candles.


Roberta’s Chocolates

Roberta Poirier

4840 W. 29th Avenue

Denver, CO  80212

(303) 824-2069

Truffl ies, assorted chocolates, fudge, novelty chocolates, old time candy, peanut butter cups, 

turtles, chocolate gifts, holiday chocolates, nuts and chocolate bacon and gift baskets.


SPORTea®/UPP, Inc.

Edward J. Cowan

7340 S. Alton Way, Unit K

Englewood, CO 80112

(303) 694-6965

(303) 694-7211 (fax)

SPORTea(R) is the world’s fi nest gourmet, nutritious iced and hot tea. SPORTea(R) is a unique, 

satisfying, everyday, all natural (nothing artifi cial) energizer and stress fi ghter. It contains green 

tea, eluthro ginsing, ginger, trace minerals and electrolytes, a full daily dose of vitamin C and more 

( SPORTea(R) is a decaf equivalent product and contains “O” calories, with 

no artifi cial sweeteners and still tastes slightly Citrus Sweet. SPORTea(R) is served as the house 

iced tea everywhere from the fi nest of 5 star restaurants in San Francisco, to gourmet coffee 

shops, tea rooms, bagel shops, delis, cafes, corporate dining rooms, production plants, university 

dining rooms, and more all across the country. SPORTea(R) is retailed by the box as a national 

account in Wild Oats stores across the USA and is found in most Whole Foods grocery stores 

and many other specialty/gourmet types of shops as well. SPORTea(R) is truly, an absolutely 

unique blend that people of all ages enjoy because of its refreshing taste; it’s revitalizing qualities; 

and because it contains none of the negative attributes that heavily caffeinated or sugary or 

artifi cially sweetened beverages do. A very broad-based appeal beverage that 8 out of 10 people 

like. Don’t miss this one!


Swallowtail Foods, LLC

Jennifer Lopez

1001-A E Harmony Rd., #365

Fort Collins, CO  80525

(970) 672-7671

Pi Chai was created in 2014 by Jennifer Lopez, and her love for chai. Jennifer’s desire was to 

develop an exceptionally delicious tasting chai that is easy to make, while utilizing the highest 

quality ingredients from local suppliers and abroad. The result is a chai that is unparalleled in 

taste, quality, and simplicity. Pi Chai are a line of Infi nitely Delicious Chai Latte Mixes which 

come in 3 fl avors...Original Chai, Java Chai (chai + espresso), and Chocolate Chai (chai + Dutch 

cocoa). Our products contain no artifi cial fl avors or colors. Pi Chai is so easy to make...just heat 

up milk or your favorite dairy substitute, stir in Pi Chai, & enjoy


Syntax Distillery and Cocktail Bar

Heather Bean

625 3rd Street, Unit C

Greeley, CO 80631

(970) 352-5466

The Syntax Distillery makes handcrafted, award-winning whiskey, rum, vodka, gin, and more 

from grain-to-glass in northern Colorado. We make everything we sell by hand, in small batches 

from ingredients sourced as locally as possible.


Third Street

Rory Cooper

408 S. Pierce Ave.

Louisville, CO  80027

(303) 442-5117

Organic. Micro-brewed. Family owned and operated. Non-GMO. Fair Trade. Hand crafted chai 

made in small batches using the world’s fi nest quality and socially responsible ingredients. We 

are Colorado’s fi rst and oldest commercial chai brewery.


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