Colorado Food & Agriculture Gift Guide

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Mulay’s Sausage

Loree Mulay Weisman

1610 Pace St., Unit 900 #300

Longmont, 80504

(970) 349-1423

Mulay’s Sausage is carefully crafted from Old World family recipes. Since 1326, our family heritage 

and our commitment to quality have endured! Mulay’s has been ahead of trends for centuries 

using only Antibiotic Free Pork that is vegetarian fed and raised responsibly. All of our products 

are made with old world, traditional recipes and taste so good!  The fact that they are all certifi ed 

Gluten Free and Allergen Free and have NO Sugar, no nitrates, no MSG, no no soy or dairy in 

them is an added bonus.  Our sausages are Certifi ed PALEO Friendly and Whole30 compliant!  

Enjoy our Original Hot Italian, Mild Italian, Killer Hot, Breakfast, Bratwurst and Chorizo.  All fl avors 

available at Natural Grocers and Breakfast Link and Chorizo are available at King Soopers.

Let Mulay’s take you back to a slower, simpler time when food was made to be enjoyed, and 

family and friends truly appreciated! 


Paleo Meals to Go

Dawn Anderson

711 S Tyler Ave.

Loveland, CO  80537

(224) 725-3652

Paleo Meals To Go was born out of love and passion for health and exercise, the spirit of the 

great outdoors, and advocacy for a holistic, wholesome Paleo lifestyle. We provide the best in 

class, freeze-dried Paleo meals to those on a path less traveled. Wherever our customers go, 

Paleo Meals To Go gets them there. With unexplored territories on the horizon, backpacking food 

that gets back to your roots and to your adventure is our prerogative. We balance experience with 

passion, providing the ultimate combination of nutrition, taste, and convenience to enhance the 

journey ahead. We currently offer 5 meat dishes including Mountain Beef Stew, Summit Savory 

Chicken, Bedrock Beef Chili, Canyon Chicken Chili, and Caldera Chicken Curry. Our breakfast 

options include Cliffside Coconut Berry, Butte Cacao Banana, and Palisade Pineapple Mango. All 

of our meals are gluten-free, soy-free, milk-free, preservative-free, additive-free, and grain-free

especially helpful for those with dietary restrictions. Great for travel, outdoor adventure, athletic 

competitions, hunting and more!


Pfz Farms

Roy Pfl atzgraff

12459 County Road 3

Haxtun, CO  80731

(970) 466-1887

Sustainably raised commodities for cooking and baking, including: wheat, pea and millet; both 

whole grains and fl ours, sunfl ower oil as well as eggs, chicken and guinea meat


Triple M Bar Ranch

Mary M. Miller

1331 Highway 207

Manzanola, CO 81058

Ranch 719-462-5255

Mary’s Cell 719-469-2233

Facebook: Triple M Bar Ranch


Colorado Lamb. From Colorado Land. Triple M Bar Ranch Colorado Proud lamb meat is all 

natural, which means we do not use growth hormones or antibiotics. Our meat is lean and a good 

source of protein, vitamin B12, niacin, zinc, selenium, in addition to iron and ribofl avin. A 3 ounce 

serving of lamb has approximately 175 calories and meets the Food and Drug Administration 

(FDA) defi nition of lean meat. When giving customers advice on how to prepare lamb, our motto 

is cook it “low and slow.” Triple M Bar Ranch sells whole or half lambs, cut and wrapped to our 

customers’ specifi cations. In addition, we sell individual cuts. We ship nationwide. Shipping, and 

handling charges apply. The ranch uses a USDA-inspected processing plant. Please contact 

Mary for prices or with any questions. Visit our web site and Facebook page to learn more about 

Triple M Bar Ranch.



A la Carte Gifts & Baskets, LLC

Cindy Kent

910 16th St., Suite 312

Denver, CO 80202

(303) 454-8844

Celebrating our 22nd year of “Thinking Outside the Basket”! Ordering your next gift is just a 

phone call or e-mail away. Order on-line at if you prefer. We’re just 

like you - we’re busy and we like nice things. That’s why we are proud to be here to serve you! 

Specializing in Colorado made products.


Azteca Gourmet

Lorena Jakubczak

2378 Academy Place

Colorado Springs, CO  80909

(719) 602-9086

Organic, Gluten, GMO, preservative, lard, and soy free Oaxaca style tamales. Savory fl avors 

are wrapped in banana leaf and desserts in corn husk. Savory fl avors come in three versions, 

vegan, vegetarian and 100% grass fed meat. Dessert sweet tamales are tasty combinations of 

the American favorite desserts.


Backpacker’s Pantry

Joel Behnke

6350 Gunpark Dr.

Boulder, CO  80301

(800) 581-0518

Gourmet freeze dried camping and emergency foods supples. We have over 80 items to fi t every 

pallet and every dietary restriction. Family owned for 45 years.


Colorado Potato Administrative Committee

Linda Weyers

PO Box 348

Monte Vista, CO 81144

(719) 852-3322

(719) 852-4684 (fax)

A 70 page cookbook of potatoes recipes selected from across the U.S. A perfect gift for wedding, 

graduation or any food loving chef. We think you will love this down-home wholesome recipe 



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