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•   School Bus (S) endorsement — A school bus endorsement is required for 
anyone transporting students from school to home, home to school, and 
to and from school-sponsored events.  A school bus endorsement may be 
issued to drivers age 21 or older who hold a Class E (For-Hire) license or a 
commercial license with a Passenger (P) endorsement.  A school bus 
endorsement can be suspended for one year if a person fails to pass any 
drug, alcohol, or chemical test administered in accordance with any federal 
or state law, rule, or regulation regarding the operation of a school bus.
    Missouri law has special operating regulations for school buses.  If you 
need more information on school buses, contact:  Missouri Department 
of Elementary and Secondary Education, Division of Administrative and 
Financial Services — School Transportation, e-mail:  webreply@dmpt.; phone: (573) 751-0357; fax: (573) 526-6898.
•  Motorcycle (M) endorsement — A motorcycle endorsement on an  
  operator or higher class license is required if you operate a motorcycle or  
  motortricycle on public roadways.  To add the motorcycle endorsement to  
  an existing license you will need to pass the motorcycle written test,    
  vision, road sign, and a skills test on a motorcycle or motortricycle.  For  
  more information about Missouri’s motorcycle laws, please obtain a copy  
  of the Motorcycle Operator Manual at the Missouri Highway Patrol testing  
  station or at one of our license offices. 
•   Additional endorsements are available if you have a Commercial Driver 
License or Commercial Learner’s Permit.  For more information, please 
see the Commercial Driver License Manual, available from the Missouri 
State Highway Patrol, license offices, or our web site at
Renewal Reminders
The department will mail you a reminder to renew before your license expires. 
A renewal notice will not be mailed for a temporary instruction permit or 
commercial learner’s permit.  The reminder will be sent to the mailing address 
on your driver record.  When you move, you may update your address in one 
of the following ways: 
•  Complete an address change at your local license office; 
•  On-line at;
•  Send an e-mail to; or
•  Send a written notice with your new address to the  
   Driver License Bureau, P.O. Box 200, Jefferson City, MO 65105-0200.
Your reminder will state the fee required to renew your license. You can 
renew your license up to 6 months before it expires.  Each time you renew, 
you will be required to take the vision and road sign test. 
It is your responsibility to renew your driver license, even if you do not 
receive your reminder.  Failure to renew promptly may cause you to have to 
retake the written and driving tests.  You can be ticketed for driving without 
a valid license. Exception: If you will be leaving the state/country for an 
extended time you may request an early renewal of your driver license at 
your local license office. 

A driver license may be valid for up to 6 years. If you allow it to expire, you 
must not drive.  If you would like to continue driving uninterrupted, you must 
renew your license before it expires.  If you do not renew your license within 6 
months (or 184 days) after its expiration date, you will have to take the written 
and driving tests (see Chapter 2), in addition to the vision and road sign tests.
License offices are usually busiest at the end of each month.  Since you 
may renew your license up to 6 months (184 days) before it expires, you are 
encouraged to select a time to avoid the longer lines.  If the renewal dates 
for your driver license and motor vehicle registration renewal are within 6 
months, you may be able to complete both renewals at the same time and 
save yourself a trip later to the license office.
Renewal by Mail for Active Duty Members of the Armed Forces  
Missouri allows renewal by mail for members of the armed forces and their 
dependents. Applicants should submit a Mail-In Driver License Application 
(Form 4317) (available on-line at, or 
faxed upon request), along with required documents and fees.
Missouri allows a renewal without re-examination for members of the armed
forces whose license has expired while out of state, for up to six months
from honorable discharge or within ninety days of reestablishing residency
in Missouri, whichever occurs first. The expired Missouri license and
discharge papers must be submitted at the time of application in addition to
other applicable renewal documents. The expired license is not valid for 
driving.  These provisions only waive re-examination and do not extend the 
actual driving privileges beyond the expiration date.
Lost, Stolen, or Destroyed License
If your license expires or is lost or stolen while you are out of state, you may 
request a Mail-In Driver License Application (Form 4317) by phone at (573) 
751-4600 or download the form on our web site at
If your license is lost, stolen, or destroyed, you must apply for a duplicate 
license.  If your current license expires within the next 6 months, you may 
renew your license early rather than obtain a duplicate license.  This saves 
you time and money.
Renewing When Your License is Suspended or Revoked
If you held a non-commercial driver license, you may take the vision and 
road sign tests and renew your license even while your driving privilege is 
suspended.  However, if your driving privilege has been revoked, you may 
only renew your license during the revocation if it resulted from your refusal 
to take a chemical test, from an “abuse and lose” court order, or a minor in 
possession action.
You will not receive your license back until you have completed your 
reinstatement requirements and your driving privilege has been reinstated.
•  Organ, Eye and Tissue Donor Information
  When you apply for a new, renewal, or duplicate instruction permit, driver   
  or nondriver license you will be asked two very important questions at the  
  time you make your application.

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