3. Learning strategies

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Learning characteristics

Learning characteristics
1. Characteristics of Learning (Explained)
2. Learning involves change.

3. Learning strategies

4. Conclusion
5. References:

Characteristics of Learning (Explained)
Learning is the process by which one acquires, ingests, and stores or accepts information. The main characteristic of learning that; it is a process of obtaining knowledge to change human behavior through interaction, practice, and experience.
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Our experiences with learned information compose our bodies of knowledge. Learning is a process unique to each individual.
Some learn quickly, scanning the information and mastering the concept or skill seemingly effortlessly.
Others stumble while processing information, taking longer to grasp the concept of requiring numerous exposures over a sustained time.
Characteristics of learning are;

  1. Learning involves change.

  2. All learning involves activities.

  3. Learning Requires Interaction.

  4. Constitute Learning.

  5. Learning is a Lifelong Process.

  6. Learning Occurs Randomly Throughout Life.

  7. Learning Involves Problems Solving.

  8. Learning is the Process of Acquiring Information.

  9. Learning Involves far more than Thinking.

  10. Experience is Necessary for Learning.

Let’s explain and understand these characteristics of learning.
Learning involves change.
It is a reconstruction, combined thinking, skill, information and appropriation in a single unity process.
For example, when a child learns to read they can retain this knowledge and behavior for the rest of their lives. It is not always reflected in performance. The change from the learning may not be clear until a situation arises in which the new behavior can occur.

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