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Product Information Sheet

          January 1996


Similar to the Majik Amplifier, the concept of a universal component with exceptional flexibility was

also the spark behind the Linn Tukan loudspeaker.  Small enough to suit any environment, the

Tukan offers extraordinary performance and can be easily reconfigured for different modes of

operation as your requirements change.


Offering clarity of reproduction that belies its small dimensions, the Tukan is ideal for any

application where space is at a premium. It is suitable for use on stands, wall mounts (mounting

points for optional wall-brackets are fitted as standard), or bookshelves.

When used as the primary speakers in a high-quality audio system the Tukans may be used much

like any conventional loudspeakers; i.e. with single runs of speaker cable connecting them to the

amplifier.  Removing the external links on the rear of the speaker allows bi-wiring, a relatively

inexpensive method of upgrading performance.  As further performance improvements are

desired a second power amplifier may be added to the system and the Tukan "passively bi-

amplified".  The final step, full active bi-amplification, replaces the Tukan's internal crossover with

an external "active" electronic crossover.  (For a full discussion of the benefits of bi-wired and

multi-amped operation, our Bi-Wiring & Beyond technical paper is attached.)

The small size of the Tukan also makes it ideal for use in video applications or multi-room

installations.  Since the sonic characteristics of the Tukan are very similar to that of the rest of the

Linn loudspeaker range, two models, for example Tukan and Keilidh, can be comfortably

intermixed for home theatre applications in a variety of front and rear channel configurations.

Cabinet Construction

Obtaining the required high levels of performance from a speaker of this size places extreme

demands on both cabinet and drive units.  As is the case with all Linn speakers, extreme care has

been taken to ensure the mechanical integrity of all components.

Ku-stone ceramic panels inside the cabinet provide additional mass and control cabinet

resonances.  Unlike conventional damping materials, Ku-stone remains stable over time and is

not affected by changes in pressure or humidity.

The unusually thick front panel provides a mechanically sound mounting surface for the Linn

designed drive units.  Flush mounting of the drivers and Linn's unique, vibration-free frameless

grille system ensure wide, even dispersion. Considerable attention was also applied to the design

of the Tukan's rear bass port to ensure no spurious output.

Drive Units

The ceramic tweeter was originally developed for Linn's top-of-the-range Keltik Aktiv loudspeaker

and provides smooth and detailed performance over the upper octaves.

The bass driver was designed specifically for use in the Tukan.  It employs a die-cast chassis

which provides strength advantages over a typical pressed steel design.  The copper voice coil is

wound on an aluminium former.  This, coupled with a vented pole piece, provides high power

handling capabilities. The cone is carbon-loaded polypropylene.

The bass unit's massive magnet was limited in size only by the need for it to fit through the hole in

the front of the baffle!  A second magnet mounted directly behind the primary unit focuses the

magnetic field, increasing the strength of the field around the voice coil.  This not only improves

performance, it reduces extraneous magnetic emissions and allows the Tukan to be placed near

a video monitor without causing colour distortions.


Linn-developed, state-of-the-art computer techniques have been employed in the design of the

Tukan's passive crossover network.  Instead of acting as a simple high pass and low pass filter,

the internal mounted Tukan crossover actually allows for the specific electrical and mechanical

characteristics of the bass and treble units, in effect using them as part of the crossover network.

The result is an unusually accurate frequency and phase response.

The Tukan is available only through Authorised Linn Retailers all of whom have comprehensive

demonstration, installation and service capabilities.

For more Information please contact Linn Products Ltd

 Customer Services on Freephone 0500 888 909

Tukan Technical Information




2-Way Bass-Reflex Loudspeaker

Frequency Response Passive: 

70Hz-20kHz +/-3dB

Input Impedance Active: 

6 Ohms Treble, 4 Ohms Bass

Input Impedance Passive: 

4 Ohms


87dB for 1W at 1m (1kHz)

Minimum Amplifier Power: 

30W/8 Ohms, 60W/4 Ohms

Drive Units: 

19mm ceramic-domed treble,

130mm bass/midrange


Single-wired, Bi-wired, Bi-amped, Active


W 188 x D 183 x H 303mm


5.6kg each

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