This American Life: Amerigo Vespucci

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This American Life: Amerigo Vespucci

  1. What is the name of Act II?

  2. The first speaker says “how America actually got _________ name,” while the second speaker says “got _________ name.”

  3. What grade was he in?

  4. What state did he live in?

  5. How old was he AND where did he live when he “stepped into the library on his own?”

  6. How much of the Earth is named after Amerigo Vespucci?

  7. What alternate name for our country does the speaker suggest?

  8. It comes down to this – it had nothing to do with what?

  9. It had everything to do with what?

  10. The speaker suggests Vespucci was not a noble what?

  11. Was Vespucci rich or poor?

  12. What Boticelli painting does the speaker mention? (Four words)

  13. What country was he sent to as a scout?

  14. Who was the queen of that country?

  15. What TWO groups of people had she thrown out of the country?

  16. In what year did she throw them out?

  17. What did Vespucci “resolve to abandon?”

  18. What two countries did he sail from?

  19. Venezuela means what in Spanish? (Two words)

  20. What does Rio de Janeiro mean?

  21. What kept Vespucci from disappearing into the “vapors of history?”

  22. Who was Mrs. Pulmont? (think back to the beginning)

  23. Why does Vespucci “refrain” from “telling of the art?” (Three words)

  24. What magazine does he mention?

  25. What were the copies of his letters published on? (Two words)

  26. ____________ was reshaping the Old World as ____________ as the ____________ has transformed our own.

  27. How many registered printers were there in Venice?

  28. Why did printers rewrite Vespucci’s words?

  29. Amerigo visits _________________ and cracks open ______________________ and meets _________________________.

  30. How many editions of Columbus’s letters were published AND how many editions of Vespucci’s letters were published?

  31. Who named America? (spelling doesn’t count)

  32. Mercator was the first to write _________________ and _________________ on a map.

  33. What does someone suggest Vespucci flunked?

  34. Columbus may have discovered the New World, but Vespucci ______________ it to us.

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