Press release, 16 2010 American band Wilco to perform in Prague for the first time this September

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Press release, 16.8.2010

American band Wilco to perform in Prague for the first time this September

Wilco is one of the most influential bands in contemporary alternative rock. The two-time Grammy Award winners are a cult band in the USA and sell out huge venues. This year Wilco will perform in the Czech Republic for the first time. The last stop on their European tour will be on September 28 at the Archa Theatre, where Wilco will perform as part of the Stimul Festival.

Wilco has transformed the face of rock music in the last two decades. They are also a symbol, a secret and a movement. After a germinal stage in country, the band around Jeff Tweedy has evolved into one of the most innovative rock groups on the North American scene. Their music is characterized by masterful harmonies, a combination of ingenious soulful sounds, piercing melodies, rich textures and extremely detailed instrumental music. Over the 15 years of their existence they have succeeded in transforming the sources of their inspiration, which includes folk and country as well as pop and rock classics from the sixties and seventies, into a personal and poetic new music with old roots.


In addition to great music the organizers also promise other attractions. "We can look forward to a truly unique concert. Wilco brings their own stage design with them -- there's a huge wall with an LED screen and adjustable lamps. The whole design of the stage was made for Wilco by renowned stage designer Michael Brown," said the director of the Stimul Festival, Jan Vávra.

About Wilco:

The Chicago band was catapulted among the most influential American bands with the album Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. The album, which was produced by well-known avant-garde musician Jim O'Rourke and which was originally slated for release on September 11, 2001, was soon caught in a turbulent paradox. The Reprise company, after a cursory listen to the album, refused to have anything to do with the material. Wilco therefore finally released their exciting deconstruction of the rock'n'roll genre under the Nonesuch label, which also belonged to Warner Music. The company ended up paying for the same album twice and got a catastrophic reputation. But Wilco's first album was a phenomenal success both critically and commercially. The album's extraordinary reception and record sales are largely due to its artistically persuasive, fantastically moving music in combination with a seductive, exciting mythology. Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, the cover of which features an iconic photograph of the "Chicago twins" Marina City, is a simple example of the exclusive, "important" nature of the work.

Wilco continues to be a musical force that turns everything it touches into gold. The band won two Grammy Awards for the album Ghost Is Born. Their most recent studio album, Wilco (the album), was released in 2009 and also featured Canadian songstress Feist, among others.

Jesus, etc. (from Yankee Hotel Foxtrot)

Live with Feist (The David Letterman Show):
Tickets to the Prague concert are available for CZK 720 at the Archa Theatre box office and CZK 790 at Ticketpro and Ticketportal outlets (including booking fee).

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Promotional material for Wilco including print-quality photos can be downloaded at:

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Aleš Stuchlý, STIMUL Festival;, +420 774 085 880

Pavlína Svatoňová, Archa Theatre;, +420 739 077 956

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