Pla-vada community association board of directors meeting 9 a m. Saturday, August 20, 2016 Donner Summit pud

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9 a.m. Saturday, August 20, 2016

Donner Summit PUD


Directors Present: Craig Doty, Mike Anderson, Kate Helfrich, Jeff Davenport, Eric Lombardi

Directors Excused:

Others Present: Brian Silsby-Facilities Supervisor, Claudia Hatfield-Office Manager,

Members Present: Roger Hatfield, Art & Pat Newman, Kay McCreary

Call to order

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 am

Discussion and vote regarding recording the minutes in the future.
Approval of Minutes

Minutes of 7/9/16, both BOD and Annual Meeting approved.

Staff Reports

Management (10 Minutes)

Balance amounts were reported to the Board.

Operating, $354,810.33

ESA, $123,383.49

Reserves, $307,701.93

CH reported checking on Stigal agreement

Info from Nevada County about Lake Van Norden Dam project

Board will send letter of support to Tahoe land trust.

Vote to approve $40 to join the Donner Summit Area Association

Owner of lot 266 would like building fees back. Fees paid in 1980. Discussion, vote to refund $2,000 approved (M-KH, 2-CD).

Facilities Supervisor (10 Minutes)

Water Usage – BS reported on water use for the month, 1,111,940 gal. for June.

Sewer – 410,400 gal. for month, 13,239 gal. per day

Cal Trans 70,000

Discussion of fire department use, fire hydrant is not metered, need better communication when there is a fire

Ongoing search for the leak along conifer, one leak found, but still losing water

Ponds have been cleared of the smell, pond 4 scarified

Working on manhole covers on conifer

BS received prices for sewer repair. Prices to be reconsidered when comparable bids are received
Directors Reports

President: CD Nothing to report
Secretary: EL Nothing to report
Treasurer: EL/CH

Reported on YTD expenditures

CH – delinquency policy – 2 types of late fees, 8 people are owing over $5000 each

Discussion of prepayment penalty/payment of sewer loan

Roads: MA

Discussion re: abandoned truck

Stolen truck


Architecture: CD/EL

Architecture committee review of plans for 3 lots

51643 Tamarack and 50905 conifer approved by ARC

Lot 210 new plans submitted
Maintenance/Operation Liaison: None

JD 3 bids for sewer repair along river

bids were not comparable, JD will receive revised bids and award bid based on comparable work (a2a)

MW no report

Old Business
Lot 204/Lot 203 Update

Some wooden stakes removed, new concern (204) danger of easement use in winter

Propane tank is on right of way, discussion regarding bringing in fire marshall, will wait until other issues are resolved
Work Orders Status-Update

The Board reviewed all work order items with Brian Silsby. Some items have been completed and others have been given estimated completion dates. More items have been added with estimated completion dates as well.

Water Tank Project-Update

Water tank – up to date permit in hand, project is stalled, board will revisit the agreement

Parking Policy-Update

Parking policies to be updated and voted on at September BOD meeting


Election policy changes added and approved (M-EL, 2-KH). Policies will go to membership for review.


To be moved as soon as possible, waiting on survey and new gas tank installation

Equipment Yard improvements – Update

MA 3 estimates for new gas tanks

2 500 gal tanks will cost approx. $7000

freestanding tanks

money will come from reserves

tanks will need to look good – will need some sort of screen

vote to create screen w/ native plants approved (M-JD, 2-KH)

need to confirm expenditure at September meeting

New Business
Property Development and Construction Handbook-Update

Building policies need to be revisited to maintain similarity to surrounding communities.

Conifer permit – Update

Need to close outstanding permit issue with regards to turn out at lot 225

Vote to retain turn approved (MJD, 2-CD, A-MA)

Vote to include necessary soil test in other pending work approved (M-JD,2-CD, A-MA)

Benches – Update

Benches at picnic area on conifer have been fixed by Dan Cargill.

Wells Shell agreement

Need to revisit agreement in light of permit application for new restaurant business at shell station.

Current agreement should be revisited to include grease traps, and modifications for increased sewage use. JD/CH to work with County to write a letter to request stipulation of a grease trap.

Owner Comments on Items not on the Agenda

Discussion noting sale of Boudreau property


There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 12:58pm.

Executive Session
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