And the Culture of Celebrities vs. Paparazzi Living Private Life in the

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and the Culture of Celebrities vs. Paparazzi

  • Living Private Life in the

  • Public Eye

Diana Spencer

Fairy Tale Wedding

  • The couple was a media sensation from the beginning


Picture Perfect?

  • With in 4 years, couple had 2 healthy children to the delight of British nation

Rocky Marriage, Tabloid Goldmine

“The Crash Heard Round the World”

  • Fleeing from paparazzi in Paris, the car Diana and boyfriend Dodi Al Fayed are riding in crashes in an underpass tunnel killing Diana, Dodi, and their driver.

“Marathonic Broadcasting”

“Blood On Their Hands?”

  • “I always believed the press would kill her in the end….It would appear that every proprietor and editor that has paid for every exclusive photo has blood on his hands today.” –Charles Spencer

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