1. Describe an interesting activity that you enjoy doing

Describe a TV program which you enjoy whatching in your free time

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1. Describe an interesting activity that you enjoy doing

7. Describe a TV program which you enjoy whatching in your free time.
Nowadays, I do not watch TV much, but when I was a student, I used to watch television a lot. I liked many TV programs and watched them regularly during that time. The TV program that made a strong impression on me was a documentary that I watched on the Discovery Channel.The TV program was called “The sacrifice of genius” and it was a serial that had 10 episodes in total. I watched every episode and enjoyed them thoroughly. This was mainly a documentary serial which emphasised the sacrifice the famous and genius scientists like Marie Curie, Thomas Edison and 8 other scientists made in their life.I watched the TV program during the third term of my university years. In our local time, the program was broadcast at 9.00 pm every Thursday. It showed the life and work of the famous scientists and the sacrifices they made for others to make the world a better place. These stories were presented in a fascinating way and each episode was made painstakingly. I got the impression that I was actually watching those great scientists and their works in person!I have learned so many things about the lives of these scientists and the sacrifices they made. Those sacrifices were unbelievable and after watching this program, I could not stop thinking about those famous scientists and their supreme dedication.This program has helped me judge life from a different perspective. I realised that working hard to bring something important for others can be more meaningful than our personal achievements like wealth and fame. I later searched for more details of those scientists and other famous people and learned about their life and work. I was actually inspired by this program and started learning deeply about the people who made the world a place where we no longer need to live in the darkness and do not have to compete with the wild animals to collect our food.
8. Describe an occasion when you spent your time with a child.
To tell the truth, I am not a person who enjoys spending time with children, but sometimes even I have to babysit as many of my friends already have kids, I cant say No when they ask me for help. Last year there was one occasion that I remember like it was yesterday because it was a nightmarish experience. One morning, still I was still in bed when my friend called me. She asked me to look after her 3-year-old daughter as she had some important event that she could not miss, but her babysitter told her in the morning that she could not come for some reason and my friend understood she would not find another one at such a short notice. What is more, none of my friend’s relatives agreed to help out. I was about to say ‘no’, but she told me I was her last hope. And she said there was nobody else whom they could entrust their child to. At first, everything was more or less ok because I managed to keep the kid occupied for some time. We played Hide and Seek in the house, watched cartoons together, built towers out of blocks. Whoever builds the highest tower wins. I read Fairy Tales to her. Some hours later I started feeling like a slave because she demanded attention and refused to play on her own, but at some point, I understood I was out of ideas for things to do. So she started crying. I felt terrible as things got out of hand and I did not know how to calm her down. You know, each hour felt like an eternity and I could not wait for my friend to come back home. I was so exhausted that I had just enough energy left to drag myself to bed.
9. Describe a time when you gave somebody a piece of news.
One occasion I remember vividly was when I told my parents about my exam results.I wanted to study medicine and the entrance requirements were very demanding so I spent a lot of time studying so I could get the best grades possible to secure a place at medical school.It wasn’t easy because I find studying difficult, and I was terribly nervous when it came time to sit the final exams.But, after they were all completed I felt better, although at the back of my mind I still had some doubts as to whether I had done well enough to get the grades I needed for admission to medical school.The day the results arrived in the mail, I was extremely nervous about opening the notification; my future career was in the balance, if the results were good enough I would go to university and study medicine and hopefully become a doctor eventually, but if they weren’t good enough I would have to rethink what I wanted to do next.Anyway, I opened the notification and was stunned - I had actually done better than I thought and had gotten better grades than the minimum requirements for entry to medical school. I remember running upstairs to tell my parents, in fact they thought something was wrong as I was shouting to them as I ran upstairs to get their attention.I can remember the exact words I said to them: “I did it” and they just looked at me, it took a second or so for it to register with them what I was talking about, and then they both looked at each other and started to smile; then they both hugged me and we all went downstairs.The next couple of hours where so happy, it was such a relief to have achieved what I needed and I felt all the worry and doubt just disappear.

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