What is learner autonomy?

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We all want to learn more, upskill and develop our knowledge. But obstacles like daily work commitments and formal learning structures can get in the way. That’s where learner autonomy can be leveraged to support learners in self-directing their need for knowledge.
It can be incorporated into your corporate learning strategy to motivate and engage your workforce. Let’s explain what learner autonomy is, its benefits, and how your LMS can be used to support this learning method.

What is Learner Autonomy?

The phrase ‘learner autonomy’ was coined in the early 1980s by educational guru Henri Holec who defined it as the “learner’s ability to take charge of his or her own learning”. Initially championed for foreign language study, it has since spread to many strata of education and is a natural fit for eLearning.
Online learning supports autonomous learning in the following ways:


One of the biggest challenges of today’s working world is managing time. As a business, you need to continually help employees expand their knowledge and that’s where technology-based learning comes in. This enables your learners to access training whenever and wherever they want.


Enabling your learners to learn in this way puts them in control. This empowers people to self-direct their learning, accommodating their desire to expand their knowledge, and process new information.


Crucially, people learn best when it’s at their own pace. This suits the pressure of workloads, modern living, individual lifestyles, and abilities.

Benefits of Autonomous Learning

Supporting this method of learning has a wide range of benefits for your employees.. Here are some of the primary benefits:

1. Active

This more liberal system of learning, driven by the learner, gives them independence and a sense of control over how, when, and what they learn. This ownership creates a more active method of learning compared to the predominantly passive method used in face-to-face based formal training and development.

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