What are the sefirot?

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The basic modes of God’s creative power…

(see inner space p.40)

Anatomy of a soul:

First, the sefirot are lights or luminaries that serve to reveal and express god’s greatness. Second, they are vessels that limit and delineate god’s infinite light, bringing it into the finite realm of boundaries.

[ Lsaper is to express or to communicate or to enumerate/ count:

It is a story. The snames of god, Sefar = boundary ]
The functional structure of the sephirot in channeling Divine creative life force, and revealing the unknowable Divine essence to Creation is described.
Philisophically, you cannot say that God willed a creation with any flaws. As a result, we must say that creation is erfect. Furthermore, we cannot say that creation takes time to build, as god is outside time and can have his desires realizes at the moment it is conccieved.

Our sages explain that in fact all has already been created at the beginning of creation. Furthermore, it is a perfected creation.

However, they way we experiences it is another story. We are becoming… we are not complete. the sefirot explain how what has already been given is received.. how does gods will become our will. Is how his creation matches ours. God has planted the seeds, we must make them real. To realize them is really to return to what is already within us. A world of perfection. Of all plants fully grown. Our perception of incompletion does not make it so. In truth the future we move toward is a retrun to our past. Time is how it doesnt happens all at once. And so the process by which gods will becomes our world, how god reclaims his kingdom is the concenpt of hakol bidey shamyim chootz meyirat shamyim. By day one, god created the world. All of it. A day that is forever. Heaven and earth ie all creation complete. and elohim embodies all of it. Single creation with all its parts contained in a system of order. A creative whole with all its paets governed by a singular will, cause and law. This

The creation of all existence exists in the seed level. Outside time the seed is the entire creation it is the tree. The bark tastes the same as the fruit.

In our realm seed and fruit are not the same, there is aprocess. This process is the seforit. And so the entire sefirot is called the tree of life. Ie. The eternal creation.

Since all cration is really just our consciousness, the sefirot oare not onl the process of materiality created from gods will. But it is the process of how the mind ultimately reclaims its perception of gods creation, which is his true will and does not change. What changes is how much we receive of it. To master the reception is to be a baal teshuva.

Time and space are modes of thought not conditions in which we live. And so all reality whici stiem an space is really in the mind. The rules of phsycias are rules of mind still. As a result the structure of consciousness is the structure of reality. And so sefirot are the structure of reality and consciousness. A map shall we say. The torah offers this map. As access into ones on mind eventually is accesss into gods mind which is the onlyreality. Everyone has an independnent mind deep inside two minds leads to the same universal collective mind called heaven. The layers inside are depicted by sefirot. Our lives are made more atoms than stories and so a man who learns to see his life properly will decipher the chaos and see the order.

To do this we need to have an understanding of how reality froms and the sefiorot offer that understanding it si the tool and structure. In truth reality is a light undifferentiated. But we are created with dualisism we see through it and so it is not of essence it is alook

The written torah is the seed uchangin the oral is the feminied revealing and realizing hidden potential. Torah is pregranncy and the torah is is reffered to as toratai. Meaning two torahs. Talmud teaches plural without spciificity is always two and two elements that

The Gemini si thirst month meaning two opposites as one. This is the sefira system male and female. Opppsoite ezer knegdo… the structure of adam. Ie. And adam is nothing more than god. Man in ogds image refers to his soul. As it says an image of a man on the throen. And the angels thought adam god.

In truth when we say god we mean The god available to finite mind. And so the idea is that GOD is still reflection of self. The eternal self developeing is the heighest perception ofgod aka ehyeh… and so all sefiort are also the structure of self. Each name of god is a reflection of Self. The prism of light is our concsoiounsess is creates ten names at the base. The sefiort offer that.

To decipher the sotry of our lives is key to having an ability to make informed creative decision and contrubituojmn as human being creating a life on earth.
Evil breaks things down into more pasrts making more work…
Sefirot are : structure of mind, reality, story of life, self, creative jounery, the map of the great story, mathematics, structure of nature, all exists within mind called chochma, and chohcma exists within the united self. The collective above and greater than mind…
The gemara references the threefold people, the third day third month and the structure of three dual opposites united balanced by harmonizing middle. The braid with three is tstrongest is alluded dto this by king Shlomo…
The process by which gods will is realized. The journey of intital pure will, inner purpose, the glory, taking form. How the self becomes actualized. The creative purity descends into a world of coarser creation until it is so lost in the chaos that man is left to create like above… How I becomes Me. The reunioin of the split water.
, "Ten sephirot of nothingness, ten and not nine, ten and not eleven".

Gods Tool how reality is constructed

Each sefira plays unique role in fashioning reality.
The genetic structure of all experience…
The 10 attributes/emanations in Kabbalah, through which Ein Sof (The Infinite) reveals himself and continuously creates both the physical realm and the chain of higher metaphysical realms (Seder hishtalshelus).
The complete spectrum of divine expression within creation (and self).
The complete soul. (the face of god) (the self)

The tree of life.

Avraham yakov finkel: the sefiors are the channels through whichc the divine flow of plenty surges from the lofty heights of the spiritual domain to our crude material world. It is a stream of divine bounty through which God continually sustains His world and keeps it going. … the divine attributes through which God reveals himself to a limited degree.
The finite structure given to us to experience the infinite

God emits these rays and How god vests himself.

The filter or prism by which god relates and reveals himself to us.
This is the image of god we were created in. for god is not physical he is spiritual.. Since god has no physical form this what resemblance are we - it is the sefiort. We can only resemble god through our behavior. I connect and relate to god through my deeds, and my subjective world. My flesh. And God says you shall know my by my deeds. The ten sefiort are those deeds. The ten sayings that creates everything. How to behave is how to create . -- this is the complete man. This is the entire torah.
The light of god (will) the filters which transform this light ina particular force or attribute by which the ein sof directs the world.
The percepticple elements of creation

The structure of how everything is created

The process of how will and oneness becomes separate matter

The journey of time from gods plan to our domain

A symbol / tool / map / organizing principle for the acculturation and assimilation of torah knowledge

The function and structure of the torah’s narrative.

The legend for learning to read torah

The tree of life - ie theintersecting ideas concealed in the oral torah

The heart of the torah and its structure

The map or consciousness

The creative process

The names of god

The expression of yhvh into parts

The story

The way to count reality

The attributes of god that we are in the iamge of

The divine man - ie the full man

The structure of the soul

The 3d glasses for looking at torah mult-dimensionally

How finite relates and co creates with the infinite.

The sefirot represent an answer to a fundamental theological problem. If god is one inseparable being, why do we find such a diversity in the world? How can kindness, strictness, good and evil, all be derived from the same undifferentiated benevolent unity that is God.

And so the sefirot is really the model and map of how we are created, the framework of how we process / screen and form the singular light. This is what elokim is. for god still inseparable, but built into us, is a structure or a screen that experiences the singular light as divisive. And so elokim is what image we experience hashem as. And so the ten sefiort is called man. And man is called a mini universe for all the worlds, all space time are nothing but creations and constructs of man. For all that exists is really within. So the way the outer world exists is really how the inner world creates it. We are creators of this dream.

(all differentiation is from our perspective - time is really happening all at once and so is the perception of color etc…)

thru flesh I know you god - through deed I know you god. God does not change…

“time and space are modes by which we think not conditions in which we live… “ - Einstein

"People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion." - Albert Einstein

"Physicists are discovering laws of physics are the laws of our own minds."

(Therefore we need to know how to expand and refine our psyche, for it is our mind and our inner space that generate and creates the existence before us. All is mind. And therefore how we structure and tailor our mind comes down to the premises and belief systems we hold dear. A realists should understand that faith is the embodiment of our reality and the lens by which the infinite reality evokes the experience of “time” and “space”, of “you” and “I”. all of it. For at the core it is all nothingness. A nothingness long held by the jews and only recently validated by science. Nature is all an impossible magic trick and we get to pretend we are rational. Matter created consciousness. That makes sense to you. All of us are a part of the galaxce, an offshoot from a primordial explosion, and so when we study ourselves and the universe, it is really the universe studying itself. It is reality coming to know itself. If one is truly honest, they must follow from aristotles advice that to understand something we must look to its origin. Well what is our origin. Nothingness, and then a small itty bitty singularity that never changes its energy yet somehow is still expanding our universe and sustaining every second of creaiton. Let us not forget that all difference comes from a singularity that emerged spontaneously from a . every atom in my body is forged in the hear tof adying star. The movement of molecules mirror the massive movements of starts and planets. The dance of creation is profoundly interconnected, but we assume we are the exception. That we must for some reason be outside this realm, that our life is random that we are temporary and meaningless. As was said we have over verbalized religion and under experienced it. All logic is imsply a tool that emrges from a premise. But a premise that is false with strong logic is useless. And and apremise that is correct even if engarbed in poor expression and logic is still correct. “The opposite of a correct statement is a false statement. But the opposite of a profound truth may well be another profound truth” - Niels bohr So why do we argue when we should seek to weave. This is the only reality I want to be a part of . and so I must develop my sensitivity to god and reality so I can see better, for all comes from the heavens it is all there simultantsouly except for my yirah that gives me the power to experience the universe relative the mind I choose to develop through my journey for wisdom and my integrity. Let us not be quick to discount anything that comes from mind, for that is the only access we have to reality. “time and space are modes by which we think not conditions in which we live… “ - Einstein

and so all time and space the vastness of creation is nothing more than atestimony to the greatness within us. For it is all a product and creation of mind. A mind we were all given. For we are in the image of Elokim. This is not god. There is no word for god. There are many names for the expeirece of this light we call god, but really god does not change and cannot be perceived. But we are in the image of elokim. What is elokim? It is the power to perceive reality based on the structure and words we give our mind. But at the core we as elokim may pose as a plurality as a distinct sum of elements, but in truth we are still a singularity. For the torah always uses elokim as a a singularity (vayomer elokim.) elokim is the first of creation. It was god coming to know himself. Just as the universe comes to know itself through us. The torah actually says in the beginng was the creation of elokim. Proof? The etnachta the musical note under elokim which grammatically imposes a stop.

"People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion." - Albert Einstein
so if all time exists at once, and we are creating these worlds within us, that there exists a collective mind. )
(When we should come to see thata all reality is one, that our mind is the only thing that is real. We don’t realize that I do not believe in understanding god, when it commands us to know before whom we stand - know is from the word to emotionally connect and co create with an opposite force through union of give and take. )
This is the power and method by which God’s voluntary constriction and limitation allows the illusion of separation, diversity and creation.
The structure of the god within man.
The rays of a single light, or the oragans of a single body.
Ten sayings of creation, all in one dibur.

Anthropomorphic model aka tree of life, - see page 18 for qupte in kab writings of nature masc and feminie

Think the story of the golden calf - godl is nuggets of torah.

Our map of reality which is really a product of mind - as Einstein said:
The configuration of Divine forces that sustain creation.

How male and female come to create.

The framework of all kaballah, the root of all torah.
"God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him, male and female He created them"

god and man are both the sefirot and so the sefirot are the male and female mix of one complete beign.

God made one to contrast the other. Sefirot is that principle / system in its raw elements. Ten sayings of creation.
Our worl is a symbol of a symbol twice removed from truth. The material is the symbol the sefirot is the symbol’s symbol. And behind that is the ultimate truth.
Beyond human vocabulary.
The organizing principle that dictating the oral torahs design.
As adam had all of time in hikm… adam david mashiach. And he encapsulated all reality - feet on earth head in the height of the ehavens as far as angels concerned he was god and the image of man is what sits on gods throne…
Why called kablah?

Literally means to receive, tradition, correspondence,

Water idea -

Matan torah idea (seed vs bread)

How we can receive what god intends for us

How the universe receives. How finite exists, for all must receive

How to rectify the will to take, the science of how to take.
Why also called sod?

It is an allusion to yayin and to seventy, desire, the complete dimension of materiality and nature.

WHY should I learn them?
Vilna gaon, Even Shlomo 85,24 : The one who was able to learn the secrets of the Torah (kabalalh) and did not make an effort to understand them, will be severely judged.(restricted)”
How do I use the sefirot?

The bare boned organizational patterns within. The framework

The lens of torah thinking. The screen for the light of gods mind.

Think 10 is the screen for infinite creation…

The importance of an organizing principle - the simplicity is the organization of complexity

Translaton is commentary the words have so many variables it is inartivulable. As a singularity.

Function precedes form - the purpose preceds the construction, the heart of the construction is called seventy since the totality of torah is seventy facets.

Sod=seventy ayin brit - Yaakov(aka torah) came down with seventy souls

Seventy lands exile. Seventy elders - seventy languages shattered. 70 to connect heaven and earth. 70 cries for birth. 70 nations rejected torah. Seventy facets of torah.

Before one delves into the wisdom of the Kaballah, before one learns how to receive the five layers of torah one must first come to learn the ten sefirot.

The sefirot are made of three collumns: right and left. And center.

Reality is a combination of opposites. - metsiut and chomer

God made one to contrast the other:

Adam and eve male and female as one

Adam is also adam elyon - the microcosm of the universe and existence - his feet erath head highest point of the heavens…
Yhvh is this reality also and so hashem who sits on the throne it says was in the image of a man - aka adam elyon (gods hand outstretched, gods nostirls flare metaphors…)
Yhvh = is scene in the alef the unity of opposites
And yhvh is a mergin of male and female male and female.

God is in the image of male and female -

Adam is olam katan

Adam is a torah

In Hebrew words are only male or female. - there is no it in hebew. Ayin brit.

Each bechina is areflection a commentary and addition that articulates the sum of the parts until it is something beyonf words..

For it is a constealtion of associated ideas that conjure a deeper impression. For what was seen is trying to be put into words. Like meeting a man could take many words to create a singular impression.


The configuration of yhvh - is the importance of partsufim for they show how the sefirot innerconnect.

“The opposite of a correct statement is a false statement. But the opposite of a profound truth may well be another profound truth” - Niels bohrmacintosh hd:users:wordsmith:desktop:screen shot 2013-11-03 at 1.44.22 pm.png

ezer knegdo -

only discover self through the other. Like a mirror. (tzvi freeman stuff)

PRINCIPLES: top is giver, lower is receiver. Turning the receiver into the giver is called completion. They were always one, it is about they reunion. Teshuva. Tsedka tastil mimavet. Ezer knegdo, concelaemenr for the sake of revealment, upper is inner. All is thought. All comes from chochma. Chocma only revealed in the left side. Right and left, two lovers that never parted. The mind never shattered. Chochma is the only arbirter of completion. Hakol bidey shamyim chootz merita shamayim. Death is mitigated by tsedaka. Sewwetening the judgement is the purpose of every jew. Worl donly created for the letter heh. But yud was creaeted first. Yud and heh are really one. All the sefirot are one. The upper contains the lower. The lower the more defined the less abstract. Veseel and lgith make a sefira. Partsuf is only way to piece it back together… everyone has a purpose. Everyone is a letter. The entire sefiar is called yhvh/adam/yisroel the end is the beginning. All comes from nothing. There are three phases of creation. God does not change. God and his will are one. You cannot know god. You cannot define you can describe and feel god. Ten is all god uses to create his infinite will. The higher realm is gods will more real. We control the quality, we filter the will into the reality we experience.
If man could control his evil, and we can master the machine called body. Then we will have a perfeceted world. Sceiene is not discover. It is implanted in our earth secrets that bear fruit from those who till the fiel. They are the masters of the fiel. And this is mashiach ness. And to do this we must know the law. Law is for making tools. Infact law is tools. And tools are for receiving the gift. And the gift is the portion, and the portion is the law. The measured amount. This is the secret of heh. Shehinc and yhvh have been separated is the metaphor for incompletion. This is our state of consciousness right now…


Feminine Masculine
Receive Give
Recipient Giver
Garment NAKED
Vessel (tool,like me) Light
RA (break into parts) TOV (akalight)
Ego self true self
Lowest point of consciousness highest POC
Chava Adam
Expression/articulation/peh Silence
Word Vibe / Ineffable
Outer Inner
Definition Essence
Branch/fruit Root/Essence
Foot Head
Action Thought
Din Chesed
Moon Sun
Body Soul
Mother Father
Somethingness Nothingness
Actual Potential
Change Oneness
Form Function/energy
Fertilize Seed
Blindness vision
Death Life
“Ra” “Tov”
Gevura Chesed
Yirah Ahava
Negetive commandments Positive commandments
No Yes
Input/restrain engery output engery, unbridled
Complex Simple
Conceal/reveal sustains
End Beginning
Final Deed original thought
Restricted flow unlimited flow
Deed Will
Matter Energy
Heart Mind
Fire Water
Upward Downward
Word Breath
Temporary Eternal
Ego Sefless
Self Selfless
Individual Communal
Part whole / complete oneness
Time Timeless
Death Life
Wheat bread
Blind Vision
Nature Miracle
Candle Flame
Oral Tora (bread/revealer)(landofisrael) Written Torah (seed/wheat)
Change Unchanging
Set wages, evaluation, curse Remember, (to remember is for a thought to return from exile)
Daughter Son
Bride - cala Groom - chatan

Diverse, separation Unified

Finite infinity
Mal chash.
Nukva -set wages, curse, what you MALe / remember(l’maan t izkeru)



names totality of names hashem, shamyim

BEGED (from lhagid)

Levush (toward the busha)

Oral torah - masters the present
CONDITIONS - yits loves esav. Din order

Structure these are conditions. Finite.


(shechina) feminine YHVH torah written -unchanging potneitla like wheat matan vs kabalah

principle exists because of male but only matters because of female.

Heh (yud expressed in parts, reflected back) yud.

Yama, maariv,mixing,sowing,concealment,

Withdrawing, days, time, forgetting, west

kedem, origin, root, beginning,pt of origin, the world habah which means before and to come. Kedem is hitkadem is progress and also beforeness. Eden is olam haba, it is in the kedem. A place where all seeds and potential are. East aslo word for mizrach. To shine. It is the light. Chadesh yameinu kkedem.









END in itself










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