Sat 2015 Practice Test #1 Answer Explanations

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Answer Explanations 
Section 1: Reading Test 
Choice B is the best answer.
In the passage, a young man (Akira) asks 
a mother (Chie) for permission to marry her daughter (Naomi). The 
request was certainly surprising to the mother, as can be seen from 
line 47, which states that prior to Akira’s question Chie “had no idea” 
the request was coming. 
Choice A is incorrect because the passage depicts two characters 
engaged in a civil conversation, with Chie being impressed with 
is incorrect because the passage is focused on the idea of Akira’s 
and Naomi’s present lives and possible futures. Choice D is incorrect 
because the interactions between Chie and Akira are polite, not critical; 
for example, Chie views Akira with “amusement,” not animosity. 
Choice B is the best answer.
The passage centers on a night when 
a young man tries to get approval to marry a woman’s daughter. The 
passage includes detailed descriptions of setting (a “winter’s eve” and 
silent. She stood a full half minute looking straight into Chie’s eyes. 
Finally, she spoke,” lines 88-89). 
Choice A is incorrect because the passage focuses on a nontraditional 
marriage proposal. Choice C is incorrect because the passage 
concludes without resolution to the question of whether Akira and 
Naomi will receive permission to marry. Choice D is incorrect because 
the passage repeatedly makes clear that for Chie, her encounter with 
Akira is momentous and unsettling, as when Akira acknowledges in 
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