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 Prof. Dr-lng. Konstantin Meyl












for the Experimental-Kit 

to the transmission of electrical scalar waves



- I I I -


Preface for the documentation


When the speech is about "free energy", if efficiencies over one hundred per cent are 

promised or inventors show up with perfect structural drawings for a Perpetuum 

mobile, then doubts are justified.    All too often incorrect power measurements 

mislead or an energy resource is unnoticed along-used. Responsible scientists accept


therefore appropriate  statements  only after own examination, and if they can


reproduce the measurements at any time personally with their familiar measuring 

instruments. For this circumstance the Demo- and the Experimentation kit should 

make allowance.


All doubter can and should reproduce my experiments. They should not experience 

from the media of any results, but rather gain the experiences with the electrical 

scalar wave transmission by themselves. Tesla already accomplished the same 

experiments one hundred years before with very high voltages and with steered spark 

gaps. Since more energy at the receiver arrived than the transmitter had delivered 

already at that time, Tesla called the transmitter ,,Magnifying transmitter". 

Unfortunately his plant in Colorado Springs was too complex and too expensive, than 

that any university could afford it at that time. The results of the measurements 

remained unconfirmed as consequence.


No scientist in the world is entitled to doubt the results won by Tesla as if he has 

repeated them 1:1 and is able to prove the opposite. That was been omitted down to 

the present day. The negative proof will be not possible at all, and ignorance is not a 

recognized science methodology!


1. Notes to the demo kit


The experiment for scalar wave transmission can be purchased as demonstration kit 

or in an extended version as experimentation kit. The notes to the demo kit are 

applicable for both versions. With the kit all statements of Tesla can be examined. 

Owing to modern technical aids, the expenditure could have been reduced 

substantially. Today everything fits into a suitcase.


Numerous parameters determine function and periodic resonance of the scalar 

transmission, like wire length, wire thickness, isolation, direction of winding and 

diameter of the coils. Only with identically parameters a perfect reproducibility of 

the results can be ensured. Due to this insight I forbear from the publication of a 

tinkering guidance, since the reproducibility would be dependent on the skill of the 

respective home constructor. The reliability would suffer from it. Finally it concerns 

the discovery and proof of a new physical principle, and not extra tuition for physical 



In the aluminium suit case all accessories in addition to the pancake coils are 

contained, which are necessary for operation. That does not only have a practical 

sense. If an operator wants to abandon the waveform generator for example, because 

he an appropriate waveform generator already in his laboratory, which works up to 

20 MHz, it is not guaranteed that this one is able to supply a sufficient current The 

experiences of individuals are comprehensible, if all experimenters use the same 



- I V -


Each buyer of a scalar wave transmission kit. who sends a test log to the publishing 

house, gets the protocols of other experimenters in return for his effort. Interested 

owner of a kit can order these protocols extra.  To ensure that additional deliveries


are possible, the delivery takes place in a binder.


To all, who want to deliver test logs. I have the request to arrange these as unitary as


possible. They will be revised by publishing house, if the case may be. They are to


be brief containing all essential facts, so that each reader is able to reconstruct the


experiment with his kit. The number of possible experiments is almost unlimited. It


concerns a new, still extensively unexplored kind of wave propagation, so that there


is still much to discover. What worth is a discovery, from which only the discoverer


knows something?


The publishing house has made it to its business, to spread each important discovery


or experience with personal denomination of the experimenter in written form.


Protocols are delivered in chronological order according to the time of the post office


entrance by the publishing house.    They can be rearranged thematically, e.g. by


technical, physical or biologically relevant characteristics of the used scalar waves.


2. Notes to the experimentation kit


The experimentation kit contains additionally a frequency counter as well as four 

further pancake coils with double or half wire length. The waveform generator is 

besides in an extended range and in different wave forms adjustable. It is assumed, 

that primarily physicists, engineers and in the measuring technique experienced 

persons will be interested in the experimentation kit. They can reconstruct naturally 

with their kit all experiments of the demo set and receive also the same 

documentation. Furthermore the set offers all adjustment possibilities, which are 

familiar to them from other laboratory instruments. For instrumentation 

interferences, in order to be able to measure for example current and voltage, 

specially monitoring sockets are equipped.


The demo kit has no such measuring comfort. It is also suitable for operators, who 

are inexperienced in instrumentation. Among the buyers are physicians, lawyers, 

therapists, environmentalists, teachers, politicians and journalists. In short, it is meant 

for everyone, who wants to convince himself or others of the existence of electrical 

scalar waves. Therefore the waveform generator is limited in range of adjustment 

and a pure sine form is predetermined.


It is assumed, that the set is purchased primarily for own study and demonstration 

purposes. Nevertheless some experiments are conceivable, which go beyond the 

given repertoire to study biological reactions or medical influences for example. 

For customers, for whom the demo kit should not be sufficient any longer, the 

publishing house offers to extend the kit to an experimentation set. In this case the 

suit case with the complete kit must be sent back to the publishing house with all 

documents. The printed circuit boards are refitted by hand and the control panel of 

the waveform generator is extended, additionally to the frequency counter and the 

four decks, cables etc.. The coils with the spherical electrodes can be ordered 

individually, if necessary.


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