Part 1 Задание: Выберите правильный вариант ответа, подчеркнув его

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Part 1

Задание: Выберите правильный вариант ответа, подчеркнув его:
1. Despite the full power of her own, the Queen of England cannot enter into this building. What is this building?

a) Westminster Abbey

b) the House of Lords

c) the House of Commons

d) Tower
2. The Queen of Great Britain loves animals, especially dogs. During the years of the reign the Queen has had more than 30 dogs of this breed. What kind of breed is it?

a) Collie

b) Welsh Corgi

c) Miniature Pinscher

d) Catalan Sheepdog

3.It is interesting that from William the Conqueror to Queen Elizabeth II there is a continuous blood tie. What is the British royal dynasty, having ruled from 1901 to this day?

a) The Tudors

b) The Windsors

c) Hannover

d) York
4. Princess Anne, daughter of Queen Elizabeth II, is known for her charitable work, as well as the only member of the British royal family who participated in the Olympics. In what event she was involved?

a) Equestrianism

b) Boating

c) Running

d) Diving
5. The grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William, entered the Sandhurst Royal Military Academy in May 2006. In December 2006, he completed 44 weeks of training as an officer cadet, being commissioned as a lieutenant in the Blues and Royals Regiment. Whom did Prince William qualify in April 2008?

a) Rescuer

b) Pilot

c) Mariner

d) Driver
6. The Speaker who opens sessions of the British Parliament still traditionally sits on this object. Which?

a) On a sack of wool

b) On a sack of millet

c) On a sack of beans

d) On a sack of tobacco
7. After many Royals who lived in the past in Tower, now the most important lodgers of Tower are these animals. What is this bird?

a) Geese

b) Eagles

c) Ravens

d) Storks
8. In 1455-1485 in England a terrible fratricidal war, which lasted 30 years, broke out. The power struggle was between supporters of two rival branches of the royal House of Plantagenet, the Houses of Lancaster and York. What name of this war?

a) The War of the black and white roses

b) The war of white and red roses

c) War of red and black roses

d) Wars of the Roses
9. In London, there is one very attractive for tourists Tradition - Ceremony of the Keys. For the past 700 years each night the chief jailer of the Tower, known as Beefeater closes the gates. What time does it happen?

a) at 9:50 p.m.

b) at 9:51 p.m.

c) at 9: 52p.m.

d) at 9:53 p.m.
10 Hyde Park is one of the biggest parks, there you can walk along the Serpentine, ride a horse or have a picnic. Title Hyde Park comes from an ancient unit of measurement "Hyde". What was "Hyde" used for?

a) Weight

b) Volume

c) Length

d) Areas
11 There is an interesting fact that in the mid-17th century, Oliver Cromwell banned celebration of this holiday. What kind of holiday is it?

a) Christmas

b) New Year's Eve

c) Easter

d) Halloween
12. The official language in the UK is English. What was the official language of England after Battle of Hastings in 1066?

a) Spanish

b) French

c) Italian

d) Finnish
13. London Underground is the oldest in the world. It has Lost & Found. Tell, at what station is it located?

a) Baker Street

b) Kings Cross

c) Charing Cross

d) Westminster
14. In the UK children love reading fairy tales. There is an English folk tale - Russian analogue of " The Round Little Bun ". What is the main character's name of this tale?

a) Johnny potatoes

b) Johnny bun

c) Johnny apple

d) Johnny cake

15. This dish is the main course of the British Sunday lunch. Initially, this pudding called "drips". Select the correct variant.

a) English pudding

b) Manchester Pudding

c) Yorkshire pudding

d) Liverpool pudding

16. This city was the center of Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, called Northumbria. What is it called now?

a) York

b) Bristol

c) Brighton

d) Cardiff
17. What title have the buses of London had until "double-deckers"?

a) Streetmaster

b) Routemaster

c) Avenumaster

d) Routehost
18. The policy of the British Police Forces is governed by

a) committee of local county councilors and magistrates

b) Queen

c) House of Commons

d) the central Government’s Home Office
19. Who declared himself Head of the Church of England
a). Archbishop George

b) Augustine

c) Henry VII Tudor

d) Henry VIII Tudor

20. What Islands are largely self-governing and are not part of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland?

a) the Isle of Wight and the Shetland islands

b) the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man

c) the Orkneys and the Isle of Man

d) the Shetland islands and the Channel Islands
21. What President was successfully solving the problems of the depression in the USA?

a) Woodrow Wilson

b) Herbert C. Hoover

c) Franklin D. Roosevelt

d) Harry S. Truman
22. The Monarchy is the most ancient secular institution in the UK. During the last thousand years its continuity has only once been broken – from what period of time?

a) 1037 – 1066

b) 1649 - 1660

c) 1265 – 1352

d) 1772 –1789
23. Whose son became the King of Scotland and also the king of England when Queen Elizabeth I died?

a) Elizabeth I's

b) Mary I's

c) Mary Stuart's

d) Anne's
24. How many times were the Conservatives returned to power under M. Thatcher leadership?

a) 2

b) 3

c) 4

d) 5
25. What is the name of an American painter whose works, particularly those on marine subjects, are among the most powerful and expressive of late 19th century American art?

a)Winslow Homer

b)Thomas C. Eakins

c) John Singer Sargent

d) George Inness
26. Who was elected the President of the Royal Society in 1703 and knighted in 1705?

a) Isaak Newton

b) Edmond Halley

c) John Kay

d) William Dampier

Part 2

Задание: прочитайте текст и выполните задание после текста.
Monica Dickens (1915 - 1992) was an English writer, the great granddaughter of Charles Dickens – the greatest novelist of all time.

Like her famous ancestor Monica was a fierce critic of the poverty and social stratification. During her life her works enjoyed fame and some of her novels were adapted as movies and TV series. Her novels continue to be widely popular in the UK, Canada and Australia.


One of Monica Dickens’ most famous novels, it centers on Abbot’s Road Secondary School in London and focuses on the work and private lives of the various teachers, students, and administrators at the school.
In the staff room of Abbot’s Road Grace Peel ate her sandwiches while she corrected the essays of her pupils. They were her despair and then suddenly her joy. She could be defeated, exhausted by the impossible struggle to force knowledge into minds that were stockaded against learning. Then all at once the class was quiet listening to her, and some shabby 12-old who had not said a word all week jumped up and asked a beautifully imaginative question.

The class which had been Grace’s for the year since she had joined the staff was the most difficult group in the school. They got sent to this school because they could not make the grade in other schools or because they fought, stole things or ran away. They lost interest and in most cases their parents lost whatever interest in their children’s schooling. Some of the kids; parents had jobs which kept them away all day long so the kids either went home to an empty flat or out casting for trouble on the streets.

Acting was their favourite lesson. Grace often let them perform sketches of bloodshed and torture as a means of keeping them eager. For some of them it was the only piece of the school day apart from dinner in which they could take part. After 5 years at elementary school many of them were almost completely illiterate.

So the school was in charge of the minds and bodies of children of all colours all races from the red brick jungles of the London outskirts.

“You can help these children” – the headmaster told her. “You can help them by making them feel secure at school. Secure and wanted in a way that most of them are not wanted at home”.

Because of the way the school was run Grace was happy at Abbot’s Road. She did not have to be rigid in her lessons. If she could capture the attention of the class and teach them something the headmaster did not mind if she veered miles away from the curriculum. She could spend all day showing them movies or reading them fairy tales or taking them down the river on a boat to Hampton Court.

Complete the sentences

  1. Grace’s class was the most difficult group in the school because…

  1. She did not have to be rigid in her lessons because…

  1. Acting was their favorite lesson because…

  1. Grace was happy at Abbot’s Road because…

Part 3
Требования к оформлению сочинений: объем сочинения – 150 слов, текстовый редактор Word, шрифт Times New Roman, 14 кегль, абзацный отступ – 1,25; междустрочный интервал – 1,5; поля страницы: 3 см слева, по 2 см с остальных сторон; первая строка в тексте сочинения – название сочинения (выравнивание – по центру); вторая строка – текст сочинения (объём должен быть не менее одной и не более трёх страниц указанным шрифтом); отдельными файлами к сочинению прилагаются файлы рисунков и фотографий (не более трёх).

Требования к содержанию сочинений:

Уникальность: сочинение должно быть написано самостоятельно. Каждое сочинение будет проверено на совпадение текста на других ресурсах Интернета, и снято с конкурса, если обнаружится плагиат.

Грамотность: каждое сочинение, представленное на конкурс, будет прочтено преподавателем английского языка. Язык сочинения – английский. Наличие синтаксических и/или грамматических ошибок будет влиять на оценку сочинения Оргкомитетом;

Толерантность. Не будут приниматься к рассмотрению сочинения с признаками экстремизма или иным содержанием, противоречащим закону РФ.

Write an essay on this quotation.
If civilization is to survive, we must cultivate the science of human relationships - the ability of all peoples, of all kinds, to live together, in the same world at peace.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Заявка и ответы на задания выполняются в текстовом редакторе Microsoft Word. В качестве имени файла указывается фамилия участника русскими буквами. Файл заявки и файл с ответами на задания высылаются вложением в электронное письмо по адресу до 30 января 2016 г. (включительно)

Заявка на участие в олимпиаде должна включать ФИО участника, номер школы, контактные данные (адрес электронной почты, телефон).
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