Mr. Mazer David Ken Keith Billy Michael Zach Michael

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Mr. Mazer David Ken Keith

Billy Michael Zach Michael

Taylor Joshua Carmela Sarah

Marilyn Becky Janice Jenai

Kathy Danielle Lauren Krystal

Mr. Mazer has three biological (blood-related) sisters: Janice, Kathy, and Jenai. Mr. Mazer has anemia. His identical twins sisters, Janice and Kathy, are both carriers of anemia. The youngest sibling, Jenai, is also a carrier for this trait. Mr. Mazer’s parents, Carmela and David, now deceased, were both carriers of anemia.

One sunny day in June, Mr. Mazer met his future wife, Marilyn, who was a carrier for this trait. Eventually, they had two daughters: Sarah (a carrier) and a beautiful, smart, talented, younger daughter Becky, who has anemia. When Janice married Ken (who carried anemia), they produced Zach who was a carrier. Kathy and her husband Keith produced three offspring: Danielle, Lauren, and Michael. All three of these offspring have anemia. When Jenai married Billy (who does not have anemia), they produced four children: Krystal, Michael, Taylor, and Joshua. The three boys are all identical triplets who do not have anemia, unlike their sister Krystal who is a carrier.

Below: Use the cut-outs to complete a Mazer family pedigree showing the anemia trait.

Be sure to include a title and key on your final copy!

*Hint- If you do not know the traits of a certain person, use a ?


  1. How many generations are in this family pedigree? ____________

  1. How many family members carry the trait for anemia? ___________

  1. How many offspring did Carmela and David produce? ____________

  1. Is there anyone is the family whose trait is unknown? If so, who? _______________________________

  1. How many sets of multiples (ex: twins, triplets) are in the Mazer family? _____________

  1. What are all the names of Kathy and Keith’s children? ____________________________________________________________________________

  1. How many males are on this pedigree? ________________

  1. How many females are on this pedigree? ______________

  1. What is the relationship of Lauren to Jenai? ____________________

  1. What is the relationship of Mr. Mazer to Krystal? ___________________

  1. What is the relationship of Marilyn to Janice? _________________________

  1. Does anemia appear to be a dominant or recessive trait? EXPLAIN!!!!



Points Earned

Points Possible

All generations correct


Shaded correctly


Appropriate Key Displayed


Title (Including Trait)


Uses appropriate symbols


All members are placed in the correct family





18 Points

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