Lesson plan and handouts first lesson plan subject/Course: Speaking Writing Topic: Amazing science Level: Pre Intermediate Lesson duration

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lesson plan for Developing speaking skills in English language

2.1 Lesson plan and handouts
Subject/Course: Speaking
Writing Topic: Amazing science
Level: Pre Intermediate
Lesson duration: 45 minutes
Target skill: Listening/speaking.


Students will be able to:

  • develop Ss’ thinking

  • Increase vocabulary base 25-30 words, expressions and recombinations related to domestic animals

  • take notes and retell information to others.

  • develop language and thinking skills.


To give some information related to the topic and ask some question to concentrate students’ attention


Giving students new vocabularies, and speaking exercises, games answering questions and etc.

Time management

Introduction of the lesson: Checking the attendance, asking homework and suggest some of students tell the group latest news in the world and social-political and economic news related to our country’s life

5 mins

Warm-up. Speaking about shown pictures on the presentation.

5 mins

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