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First Grade Happenings
September 17, 2018 Devon Elementary School Miss McElvogue

Dear Families and Friends,

This week, we will continue working with the short a vowel sound. We will focus on the word families –ap and –ag. Try rhyming with your child at home to see how many -ap and -ag words you can come up with! We began learning about types of communities in Social Studies last week. We will review the types of communities and then focus on community helpers this week. We began learning about the Solar System in science last week. We learned some very interesting facts about the Sun. Ask your child if they can teach you any of these facts! In Math, we learned about ordinal numbers last week. This week, we will use position words to help describe where objects are and how to move in different directions.

Last week, the children learned about peace and made their very own peace pledges. This was in preparation for the International Day of Peach on Friday. We will celebrate Peace Day at Devon with a special assembly. Ask your child all about it when they come home on Friday afternoon!

Have a great week!

-- Kristin McElvogue

Upcoming Dates…

  • There is no school on Wednesday, September 19th.

  • Picture Day is Monday, September 24th.

Character Trait:


Author Study:

Kevin Henkes

Word oF the Week


What’s happening…
Monday (DAY 2)

  • Library – Remember your books

Tuesday (DAY 3)


  • No School

Thursday (Day 4)

  • Music

Friday (DAY 5)

  • Art

  • Peace Day assembly


* Short a vowel sound

* Word wall words- had, has, have

* Word Families (-ap, -ag)

* Social Studies – community helpers

* Math – position words

* Science – Solar System

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