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Rock originally came from Blues, Rock & Roll and Country. Both pop and rock are song driven people (if you go to "Jay" you can figure out what that is). The difference between rock and pop is that the difference in rock music is a little less. The combination of electric guitar and drums is the main element of the rock texture, which can be combined with other instruments in pop songs. Another situation differs from rock-pop, which is that it is a group act. On the other hand, the unique personality of a pop singer is key.
Rock music or rock 'n' roll actually originated from the genres of blues, pop, country, jazz, etc., usually in the early 50's 4/4 using electric guitar, bass guitar and drums to create a different style of song. consists of bit drums. , then split in such a way that rock-pop is a little hard to distinguish now, but if you listen to songs from that era, you'll find a beautiful rhythmic barrier beat.
The word "pop" comes from the word "popular", which means popular, hence "pop". In terms of classical music (Western or Indian), "Rock" also falls under the category of pop. A single artist can be given a large amount of "pop" based on their popularity. The songs of Minor or Mumtaz, Bakhtli Akhand or Anjan Dutt are completely different, but ultimately they are pop artists. A. Another country's pop music does not match the look of another country's pop music, because pop music is arranged according to the people's taste. For example, the accordion is often heard in earlier French pops, as is the flute in Bangladeshi pops.A pop song is a song of joy. The word "pop" came as an abbreviation of the word "popular". The sadness that can be given to it in a cheerful mood is one of the reasons why pop music is so popular. The lyrics are relatively simple and fluent. And different types of musical instruments are used. A song with a slightly lighter mood than a rock song.
The oldest of the four is jazz, so we need to talk a little more about it. However, the blues are bigger than Jay. It is easier to understand the relationship between blues and blues if we consider the example of the division of Indian music. It is worth noting that the music of the Indian subcontinent can be broadly divided into folk music and classical music. Similarly, the blues can be called the folk music of American blacks, while the jays are the more assimilated "elite" people as instrumentalists in those groups. Like Indian classical music, jai relies on improvisation. (That's why you'll often see Master Zakir Hussain on stage with top-notch jazz artists.) The grammar of jazz harmony comes from European classical music, and the accent comes from West African polyrhythm.Jazz is one of the best structured musics. Structurally plays guitar notes, vocals, various musical instruments. If you want to fully understand this, it is recommended that you become a veteran master! Drums and other instruments are used in blues music as much as in jazz, but he plays the instruments more fully, note by note, Archie!
Hip Hop:
Hip-hop songs are the most subtle in the world of music. Dance, Hullo, etc. were the main focus of this style of song, but now many deeper issues are expressed in hip-hop songs. The lyrics are mainly melodic, and various electric instruments represent the core of the song.
Heavy metal:
Heavy metal can be said to be the next stage of rock. As a result, the instrumental-musical phrases added a special aspect, the rhythm became faster, and the perfect percussion work increased. The lyrical mood of metal is also different from rock. Like rock, metal has many sub-genres and each of them has a distinct structure. az (English: jazz) is a type of professional music, one of the main stylistic sources of modern popular, especially pop music. At the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, elements of African and European music culture were combined in the work of African Americans of New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.[1][2][3] The signs of the folklore of African peoples - the sounding of different methods, the frequent repetition of the main melody that changes almost every time, the richness of unique laments, the exciting singing style, the performance of a certain direction - have become the basic features of jazz.
Initially, the works created and performed by the members of the ensemble consisting of 7-8 musicians were called jazz or "jazband". Jazz founders L.S. Armstrong, J.K. Oliver, J. Dode, E. K. Ory, J.R. Morton and others were the leaders of such ensembles. Later, following them, Dixieland groups appeared and promoted the art of jazz in America and Europe. In the 1930s "swing" (D. Ellington, W. K. Basie), in the 40s "bebop" (Ch. Parker, D. D. Gillespie), later "ash" (M. Davis) and other styles appeared, large jazz orchestras were formed . B. Goodman (who was on tour with his orchestra in Tashkent in 1962), G. Miller and J. Coltrane (USA), J. Dunkworth (England), M. Legrand (France), K. Vlach and G. Brom (Czechoslovakia) , K. Edelhagen (Germany), K. Komeda (Poland), A. Sfasman, L.

Utyosov, O. Lundstrom (Russia) are the founders of famous jazz orchestras. Jazz music began to appear in Uzbekistan in the second half of the 1940s. D. Sokolov, A. Pozdnyakov, M. Azatyan and others in the cinema, palace of culture, city parks of Tashkent, Samarkand, Fergana, Andijan. music ensembles formed under his leadership performed samples of jazz and pop music. In 1958, the Uzbekistan Pop Orchestra, and in 1963 the formation of Pop Symphony Orchestras under the Uzteleradio became an impetus for the development of jazz. A. Kroll, A. Malakhov, Ye. The contribution of conductors like Zhivayev was significant. "Namangan's Apple" (Sh. Ramazonov), "Girl's Child" (E. Solihov) reworked versions in J.'s style, A. Malakhov's "Star Circle", "Black Eyes" orchestral works written using Uzbek melodies and methods are part of national jazz music. is one of the first examples. Jazz music also developed in the later period. In 1968, the 1st Jazz Music Festival was held in Tashkent; In 1977, 1978, 1984, international festivals of jazz music were held in Fergana; jazz clubs were established in these cities, jazz groups were established in Bukhara, Navoi and other cities. Among them, the groups led by E. Kalandarov, S. Gilyov ("Inter"), L. Otabekov ("Sato"), B. Smetanov ("Raduga"), G. Kaprielov ("Asia") won prizes at international jazz festivals and pop competitions. got. Currently, among the performers of jazz music, there are B.Zokirov variety orchestra under "Uzbeknavo" (Y. Zhivayev), big band (jazz orchestra) of Tashkent State Conservatory (B. Murtazayev), groups under the leadership of G. Bugdanov, A. Khabirkhanov. The Pop music This is a musical style that originated from popular music. Your name, pop, comes from the English word popular, which translates to "popular" in Spanish.

Pop music originated in England in the mid-twentieth century and took elements from various genres of popular music of the time. In this sense, it is a very eclectic genre, because it can follow rock-roll, dance, gospel, soul, folk, as well as modern genres of African-American music such as rap or music, hip-hop.
Some of the basic characteristics of pop music are the short duration of their songs, the verse-chorus-verse structure of lyrical compositions, and catchy rhythms and choruses.
Its instrumentation, on the other hand, mainly uses technology for drums, bass, electric guitar, vocals and keyboards, and music composition. The vocals are usually melodic and crisp, dominating the foreground, accompanied by linear and repetitive percussion. In this sense, the performance is simple but effective and intended for the general public. The pop artists, on the other hand, are usually figures with a strong visual appeal and a well-defined personality and style. They often appear on television shows to promote their work, music videos to promote their singles, and exciting visuals to a large audience.
Some of the most famous and successful artists in pop music are Michael Jackson known as "King of Pop", Madonna, "Queen of Pop" or Lady Gaga. Thus, it is a genre dominated by American artists, but it has taken root in the most diverse places on the planet, with musicians providing their compositions with their own local composition.
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