Examination themes

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Examination themes:

  1. History of Medicine as a science and subject;

  2. Medicine in the ancient times: Mesopotamian Medicine - Ancient Sumeri and Babylone; Medicine in Egypt; Views and links of ancient Georgian Medicine – archaeological fundings; Medea – begining of medicine and pharmacy.

  3. Chinese Medicine: Phylosophical fundamentals; Indications and principals of main methods of treatment.

  4. Indian Medicine: Fundamentals of Veda, Unani and Sidha Medicine; Indian religeon and phylosophy – determinant of Indian medicine; Veda Medicine on sources of energy, pathology and constitutional types; Principals of Yoga.

  5. Persian Medicine: Avesta about patology and death, healing and wellbeing.

  6. Tibetan medicine: Nature of integral phenomenon; Polypharmacy and hollistic medicine.

  7. Greeko-Romanian Medicine: Hellenic culture – the cradle of world civilization and begining of modern medicine; Pythagor, Plato, Aristotle on the issues of death and life; Hypocrite – the “Father of Medicine”.

  8. The Old Testament and medicine.The main trends of Jewish phylosophy. Rules of Moses on medicine.

  9. Christianity and it’s role in the reformation of the world thinking, medical relations and approaches. Activities of saint healers in Georgia: St. Nino, St. Peter Iberian, cappadocian clerics, 13 Assirian Fathers, Illarion The Georgian etc; Early georgian renaissance: first georgian medical manuscripts.

  10. Islamic Medicine: Roots and development of medieval medicine; Arabian scholars – al Birun, Averoes, Avenzohar and their contributions; Avicenna – thr patriarch of world medicine.

  11. Medicine in medieval Europe: Scholastics and Galenizm. Educational centres in Paris (1110), Bologna (1115), Padua, Oxford (1167); Medical School of Salerno etc.

  12. Medieval Geoergian Medicine: Trends and phylosophical background; Main sources – universal monographs on medicine.

  13. Renaissance in Western Europe. Revival of Neoplatonizm. The method of trial in science (medicine).

  14. Medicine in XVII-XIX cc’s Eorope: Development of various branches, disciplines of medicine. Idealistic directions: Pragmatism, Relativizm and Positivizm – main trends of Gnoseology.

  15. Alternative, Traditional, Complementary, Unconvential etc. Medicine: Various thinking systems – Homeopathy, Isotherapy, Homotoxicology etc.

  16. Modern Medicine: Main trends and directions, problems and World Policy on medicine; International medical organizations.

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