Edmund Husserl a new Approach

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Edmund Husserl

A New Approach

  • Phenomenology is not so much an answer as it is a new approach to philosophical problems.


  • “Phenomenology focused its attention on “being” itself, on the lived world of human experience, on its unceasing ambiguity, its ever-deepening complexity.”

Phenomenological Reduction

  • “This method brackets experience and describes it while suspending all presuppositions and assumptions normally made about the experience.”

What is Consciousness?

  • “It is this intentionality that distinguishes consciousness from everything else in the universe.”

Pure Phenomenology

  • Husserl thinks that radical reflection and radical questioning are necessary for beginning philosophy and entering into what he calls pure of transcendental phenomenology.

What Is The Self?

  • The self, the mental individual from which all mental acts issue, is only presented to us indirectly, like a perceptual object.”


  • If the East is ahead in consciousness studies, then the West is ahead in intersubjective studies. From an integral perspective we need both.

Philosophy to Contemplation

  • “By deeply, profoundly, inquiring into the Witness of all knowledge, this specific philosophical inquiry opens up onto contemplative awareness.”

Yüklə 451 b.

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