Colorado Food & Agriculture Gift Guide

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Susan Tews

(303) 663-86467

Tingala® is a new kind of spirit, a tingling liqueur that is available only in Colorado. It makes a great 

gift for those looking for something truly different for the spirits lovers on their holiday list. Tingala 

is the fi rst alcohol beverage in the U.S. made from fl owers known as “buzz buttons” or “toothache 

plant.” This fl ower (also known as ‘spilanthes’) has an intense, fun, buzzing mouth feel. Tingala is 

a delicious premium liqueur. Its fl avors evolve on the palate, making it ideal for sipping or for use 

in cocktails. Unlike some other liqueurs, it is only lightly sweetened. It is made with fresh fl owers, 

real crushed cinnamon and other natural ngredients.Tingala’sunique, electrifying mouth feel adds 

interest and can enhance other fl avors and textures. Tingala is all natural and gluten free, and it 

is handcrafted and batch made in Denver, Colorado by a family business. Bringing tactile quality 

to cocktails-the way a drink feels-is an exciting new trend in the world of cocktails. You can fi nd 

Tingala at major Denver-Boulder area liquor stores. Look for it in the store’s liqueurs aisle. Out of 

state shipping is available to some states. Tingala comes in a (375ml) gift size for around $32, or 

the bar size (750ml) for about $42. For cocktail and serving ideas, visit



A la Carte Gifts & Baskets, LLC

Cindy Kent

910 16th St., Suite 312

Denver, CO 80202

(303) 454-8844

Celebrating our 22nd year of “Thinking Outside the Basket”! Ordering your next gift is just a 

phone call or e-mail away. Order on-line at if you prefer. We’re just 

like you - we’re busy and we like nice things. That’s why we are proud to be here to serve you! 

Specializing in Colorado made products.


Bee Squared Apiaries

Beth Conrey

1617 White Water Ct.

Berthoud, CO 80513

(970) 213-3099 (cell)

Bee Squared Apiaries offers chemical-free, raw, unfi ltered LOCAL honey available in a variety of 

package sizes to fi t any budget. Bee Squared makes hand-rolled beeswax candles in 17 different 

colors and 3 different sizes. They are beautifully wrapped in either festive holiday ribbon or all 

natural botanical wrap. Bee Squared also makes all natural soaps in a variety of unique scents. 

See our web site for further information and photos.


Blue Owl Preserve

Katie Cezo

2040 Westmoreland Rd.

Colorado Springs, CO  80907

(719) 822-1390

Blue Owl Preserves provides low-sugar jams made with organic ingredients. Jams are produced 

in Colorado Springs in small batches. I source organic fruit grown in Colorado, when seasonally 

available. With only 3 grams of sugar per serving (compared to as much as 12 grams in brand 

name varieties), these jams allow the full fl avor and sweetness of the fruit to shine through. All 

jams are sweetened with organic cane sugar. No artifi cial sweetners are used. Each jar comes 

with serving suggestions. For instance, try the Apricot Jam on a Havarti grilled cheese sandwich 

or swirl the Mixed Berry Jam with plain yogurt. Flavors vary throughout the season, but include 

Apricot, Peach, Mixed Berry, Blueberry Rhubarb, Blackberry Nectarine, Mango Lime, Spiced 

Pear Cranberry, Peach Habanero, Apple Butter and more.     


Chef Cool Enterprises, LLC DBA Trail Magic Sauce

Scott Smith

3051 W. 105th Ave., #351912

Westminster, CO  80031

(303) 475-8542

Three fl avors of BBQ sauces with assorted spice rubs and seasoning blends.


Colorado Spice

Jean Wallace

6350 Gunpark Drive

Boulder, CO  80301

(303) 800-1500

Full line of high quality spice blends, great for gift baskets or stocking stuffers.


Copoco’s Honey

Virginia Gilmore

2020 N. College Ave.

Fort Collins, CO  80524

(970) 493-2923

We carry a variety of honeys, including local ones. All are raw, unfi ltered; pasteurized available on 

request. Gift wrapping is free. We also carry locally made beeswax lip balms, salves, and soaps. 

And Dr. Seth’s mustache products! Our store has bee related items such as toys and children’s 

books. There are all the items needed for your favorite beekeeper or beekeeper-to-be on our 

shelves and web site.


Decadence Gourmet

Lee Mathis

2591 Legacy Way

Grand Junction, CO 81503

(970) 208-8808

(970) 241-0771 (fax)

Gourmet Cheesecakes in a Jar®, 16 fl avors of gourmet cheesecakes, including 4 gluten-free, 

in their own recycle glass jar. Savory Craft Spreads, individual savory appetizer cheesecakes, 

perfect for appetizers, dips and spreads. Boxed, packed and shipped in “six packs”. Award-

Winning Colorado-style Southern Chow Chow, our version of this southern staple made with 

green cabbage, tomatillos, spicy hot peppers and more. Sweet heat!


East-West Specialty Sauces Inc.

Jasmine Koyama-Reeves

950 Vallejo St.

Denver, CO 80204

(303) 592-1900

(303) 592-1910 (fax)

Asian cooking sauces including sweet ginger teriyaki, spice ginger teriyaki, zesty orange, sizzling 

stir-fry sauce and sesame soy vinaigrette.


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