C disappointed d disappointment It’s when you have to ask people for money. A embarrassing

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1.We were …..with the movie.
A)disappoint B)disappointing C)disappointed D)disappointment
2.It’s ……when you have to ask people for money.
A) embarrassing B)embarrassment C)embarrassed D)embarrassingly
3.I’m not …..with my job.
A)satisfying B)satisfied C)depressing D)tiring
4.It was a really …..experience. Everybody was very …….
A)terrified/shocked B)terrifying/shocking C)terrifying/shocked D)shocked/terrified
5.What beautiful flowers. They smell……too.
A)nice B)nicely C)bad D)badly
6.I was …..with that my exam results were so……
A)disappointed/badly B)disappointed/bad C)disappointing/badly D)disappointing/bad


16.There’s …..furniture in this room. There is not enough space.
A)too many B)so many C)too much D)such much

19. The little village has very…. streets.

A)narrow B)widely C)far D)farther
C)more big and big D)bigger and bigger
21.He is a …..teacher.
A)young charming B)charming young C)charm young D)young charm
22. I plan on wearing my …..coat.
A)long black B)black long C)black and long D)length black
23.This is a …..painting from the 18th century.
A)French well-known B)well-known French C)know-well French D) the well-known French
24.She was wearing a …..dress.
A)green beautiful B)beautiful green C)quite beautiful D)so beautiful
25.The …..bird! I’m going to help it!
A) poor little B)little poor C)such poor little D)such little poor
26.she prepared a ….dinner for us.
A)Mexican wonderful B)wonderful Mexican C)quite wonderful D)quite Mexican
27.Nagoya is an example of a ….city.
A)modern Japanese B)Japanese modern C)quite modern Japanese D)modern japan
28.Pass me the ….bowl.
A)plastic round B)round plastic C)plastic beautiful D)black nice
29.the …..years were fantastic. A)two first B)first two C)every two first D)beautiful good
29.I shall return the book to you as soon as I …it
A)read B)reading C)have read D)am reading
30.-John is a good player, isn’t he? –oh, yes. He …the match tomorrow, I expect
A)will win B)is going to win C)wins D)will be winning
31.-Did you call John?
-No because I …go out. I’ll try him later today
A)had to B)must C)may D)need
Nelson Mandela (32)…..his life to fighting prejudice in South Africa. Mandela traveled his state, organizing a (33)…against discriminatory laws and racial bias.
32.A)devotes B)devoting C)to devote D)devoted
33.A)fought B)to fight C)was fighting D)fight
34.I don’t think the students took in the rules of “the third conditional” as they were all looking blankly at me when I …..my explanation
A)finish B)to finish C)finished D)am finishing
35. Everybody knows that that people and animals need … food to live.
A) the B) an C) a D) –

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