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Jane Doe, Ph.D., Principal Investigator (effort = 2.5 calendar months). Dr. Doe will be responsible for the overall coordination and supervision of all aspects of the study. This includes hiring, training, and supervising staff/students; recruiting study participants; coordinating treatment and assessment components; scheduling and staff assignments; and data management. In addition, she will conduct the orientation sessions, assist with statistical analyses, and be responsible for reporting the study’s findings.
Suzan Raines, Ph.D., Co-Investigator (effort = 0.8 Academic Months, 1.0 Summer Months). Dr. Raines will be responsible for the collection and analyses of the fecal materials. She will also assist in manuscript preparation.
TBA Post Doctoral Associate (effort = 12 Calendar Months effort). This individual will coordinate the day-to-day management of the study, assist in assessments, be responsible for data entry of all treatment-related data (i.e., scheduling and conducting weights, attendance, self-monitoring), and serve as an interventionist.
TBA Project Coordinator effort = (6.0 Calendar Months). This individual will assist with recruitment, assessments, and serve as an interventionist. Additionally this person will aid with preliminary data analyses and manuscript preparation. It is anticipated that this individual would start with 1-year of previous experience.
TBA Research Assistant (effort = 12 Calendar Months). This individual will assist with recruitment, ordering supplies and intervention materials, assessments, collection of dietary data, daily management of study data, and scoring and data entry of assessments.


Funds are requested to purchase three Biologs ($7,150 each). These are ambulatory physiological data recorders with multiple channels that will be used to record mothers' heart rate (RSA), activity level, and electrodermal activity (e.g., skin conductance). Recorded data is compactly stored on a removable memory card. When recording is complete, the card is inserted into a card reader which is connected to a PC through a serial port. The affiliated Downloading and Plotting Software ($1,100 under supplies) which operates on the PC supervises the downloading of data to the PC and ensures data is recorded according to the needs specified by the researchers. From this program, the data can be converted into separate data files for each physiological measure. These measures are all synchronized with one another and can be synchronized with video files as well. Three Biologs are needed because there are several periods when assessment points overlap ( e.g., parental interviews, 6 months laboratory visits, 6 months home visits), and dedicated equipment for each type of visit will ease scheduling demands.

D. TRAVEL - $2500 in Year 01 is requested for travel to professional conferences (e.g., CDC, SRA) to present findings associated with the investigation.



F.1 Materials and Supplies

General research supplies - Research supplies are calculated at approximately $30,000 per year, and include blank DVD's for data storage as well as all testing materials.

F. 3. Consultants

In Years 1 and 2, Dr, Carol Adams from the University of Northern Virginia will train 3 research assistants to administer the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI). She will periodically review interview transcripts to ensure adherence to the interview protocol over time. Dr. Adams will assist in identifying trained AAI coders. She will provide support for this project at a rate of $400 per day for 5 days during the Years 1 and 2

F.5. Subawards/Consortium/Contractual Costs
A subcontract will be established with East University, a domestic State institution of higher education.
The estimated total costs per year for the 5 year project are as follows:
Year 01 $50.000

Year 02 $29,431

Year 03 $30,311

Year 04 $31,221

Year 05 $46,793

TOTAL $187,756

William Lehman, Ph.D., Co-Investigator (effort = 1.2 Calendar Months). Dr. Lehman is an Assistant Professor (Research) at the Carolina Medical Center. Dr. Lehman, an expert in forensics, will provide guidance on collection and statistical analyses of forensics data. He will also conduct experimental aging studies. He will assist in manuscripts that are within his area of expertise.
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