Amerigo Vespucci Date of Birth and Place

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Amerigo Vespucci

Date of Birth and Place

  • Vespucci was born March 1451.

  • Vespucci died in 1508.

  • He was born in Italy and grew up with 4 brothers. They also lived in a large home with his parents.


  • Vespucci wanted to see what the world looked like.

  • His areas where he explored were Asia, Spain, Bahamas, Brazil, and Argentina.

  • The sponsoring country was Spain.

  • Amerigo Vespucci’s contribution was that his voyages made it clear that there was a continent between Europe and Asia.


Encounters with Natives

  • Vespucci sailed across the Atlantic ocean.

Interesting Facts

  • Vespucci main reason to explore was to see the hole world. Vespucci hobbies were he like to study the stars and draw maps.





Yüklə 133,5 Kb.

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