A story of love, jealousy, and the hand of fate

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Alberto Cuessy, Deputy Director

National Hispanic Cultural Center

Cell Phone: 505-238-2695

Email: alberto.cuessy2@state.nm.us


State Street Ballet brings Carmen to the National Hispanic Cultural Center
ALBUQUERQUE, NM. 2/3/2016. The National Hispanic Cultural Center presents State Street Ballet’s Carmen on Saturday, March 12 at 7:30 PM and Sunday, March 13 at 2 PM in the Albuquerque Journal Theatre. Tickets are $12, $17, and $22, with a $2 discount for students, seniors, and NHCC members, and are available from the NHCC Box Office, at (505) 724-4771, or at www.nhccnm.org.
Inspired by Georges Bizet’s blazingly popular score, this original full-length production of Carmen has dazzled audiences from coast to coast. Choreographer William Soleau retells the tale of the magnetically beautiful gypsy and her desperate lover in a contemporary ballet style that weaves together both classical and modern influences. Intricate storytelling, enigmatic choreography, and Bizet’s passionate, immortal music create a true tour-de-force of theatrical drama. The scenic design, alluding to the dusty streets of Sevilla, the moody twilight of a gypsy camp in the mountains, and the emblematic circular shape of the Spanish bullring, breaks the illusion of the fourth wall of the theatre and pulls the audience into Carmen’s fiery, fabled world.

“A stunningly elegant and exquisitely beautiful work of visual as well as dance art….” (Dan Kepl, CASA Magazine)

Based in Santa Barbara, CA, State Street Ballet was founded in 1994 by former American Ballet Theatre dancer Rodney Gustafson. The company combines the discipline and elegance of classical ballet with cutting-edge choreography, as well as special effects and technology. Its original productions, giving familiar storylines a modern and unique twist, are designed to showcase its signature elegant-but-edgy tone.
The National Hispanic Cultural Center is dedicated to the preservation, promotion, and advancement of Hispanic culture, arts, and humanities, and is a division of the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs.
If you would like more information about this show or other events at the NHCC, please call Alberto Cuessy at 505-238-2695 or e-mail alberto.cuessy2@state.nm.us.
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