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Salzburg, 14/12/2009

COPA-DATA takes automation to a new level – zenon 6.50: A New Milestone for HMI/SCADA

In January 2010, COPA-DATA, the international automation expert based in Austria, officially begins selling the new version of its HMI/SCADA software, zenon. Amongst the many advancements in Generation 6.50 are a number of graphical enhancements; a customizable user interface; increased user-friendliness and sector-specific extras.

zenon 6.50 gives completely new options to anyone who is interested in creating their projects with bespoke design. For example, as a result of complete Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) integration, the user interface can be personalized using XAML files. Reinhard Mayr, zenon Product Manager says: “Animated objects are available in zenon for the first time, and can be fully personalized. In addition to their attractive look and feel, these animated objects are primarily beneficial for increased user-friendliness in zenon Runtime.”

Users who want to know “what if?” can find answers using zenon 6.50's enhanced project simulation and driver simulation. Projects can be simulated without needing the corresponding hardware or large testing laboratories. The simulation mode is also ideal for use in training and instruction, because processes can be demonstrated and tested.
Anyone who wishes to integrate further functionalities can now use an even broader selection of programming tools: .NET programming with C# or Visual Basic.NET based on Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Applications (VSTA). Thanks to the integration of these technologies, the developer has over 10,000 classes available, which can be used to develop entirely object-orientated software. As a result, zenon users benefit from freedom of scope when designing their applications.
Anyone looking for special features and sector-specific extras will find them in zenon 6.50. For example: the new integrated “S7 Graph” screen type for displaying sequences in automobile production; or the equipment modeling, based on ISA Standard S95, which can be used in the Process Industries to display complex equipment clearly and in a structured manner. zenon 6.50 also offers a new range of options for the energy sector: Fault location, for example, makes it possible to localize and rectify short circuits or ground faults in a topologically calculated energy grid more quickly.
Thomas Punzenberger, CEO of COPA-DATA, says “It is important to us, particularly in these difficult economic conditions, to increase our investment in technology and development. With this new release, COPA-DATA has certainly raised the bar in SCADA technology. zenon 6.50 demonstrates how the HMI/SCADA and MES worlds can be brought together in one product.”

zenon 6.50 – all innovations at a glance:

      • Equipment modeling based on ISA S95

      • Project and driver simulation

      • .NET programming in C# and VB.NET with Microsoft VSTA integration

      • Several Usability improvements

      • Symbols in Symbols

      • Central unit switching

      • Extended Trend: Export of shown data, second cursor, Gantt Diagram, display of array variables, print diagram in a graphics file

      • Free designable filters in Alarm List (AML) and Chronological Event List (CEL)

      • Direct Integration of Simatic S7-Graph

      • Substitution of interlockings

      • User groups, improved usage of Active Directory, ADAM integration

      • Enhancements in zenon Energy Edition

      • Several straton improvements

      • News drivers: OPC UA, Bacnet, Jetter, Modbus Energy, Festo, ODVA

Graphical enhancements:

      • Free template forms

      • Shadows for elements incl. transparency

      • Static rotation

      • Universal and asymmetric buttons

      • Central or global color palettes (Moods/Skins)

      • Complete redesign of AML and CEL lists

      • Format painter: Transfers properties from one element to another

      • Display of XAML files (Extensible Application Markup Language) for WPF applications (Windows Presentation Foundation)


The new zenon version 6.50, the biggest software release in product history; available as of January 2010.

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