You admit that you need to think more than 5 hours a day

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  1. You admit that you need to think more than 5 hours a day.

  2. I have seen lots of bins in our house so do you have to take one of them?

  3. When I was a child I ate in a large bowl.

  4. We can make enormous cabins that you have never watched it.

  5. Yesterday when I came home something gesturing than I entered home and the criminal was standing in front of me.

  6. I have dozen things that nobody doesn’t have.

  7. My elder brother considers me I am the fastest typist in the world.

  8. Have you ever thought about facial problems?

  9. Our neighbor had fence but I had not gate. It’s funny now.

  10. Our teacher always inspires us to study hard and hold our discipline.

  11. My close friend gave me cash to purchase a new watch for him.

  12. Out country’s education like university or school it thinks these are only wasting mere time.

  13. When Country’s roads are not neat it hurts citizen health.

  14. I remembered some occasions that interrupted me to realize human was a creature.

  15. Teachers cannot give us penalty when we are out of school.

  16. Wise people always says that individual is not be rude.

  17. Do you settle in significant position or ordered location?

  18. Have you ever got any vehicle since you enter the room?

  19. I lost my wallet last night in wedding.

  20. My father has never yelled us when we made mistake.

  21. In my life I have not accused anybody till now.

  22. Now I am adjusting our television.

  23. We need to amuse students to make enormous things.

  24. I found fascinating coral from coffee shop.

  25. Cotton is important because almost 74 percent of our cloths made by cotton however it is more expensive than manmade materials.

  26. Did you crash with your bicycle last summer?

  27. Have you ever been on a deck in your life?

  28. Sellers must engage customers to buy their mere things.

  29. It is not a firm because it has not got gates.

  30. Nowadays fuel is the more expensive than everything because Russia is struggleing with Ukraine.

  31. Does anybody have a grand computer in the class?

  32. Once my dad said he saw huge hurricane when he was in Russia.

  33. A lot of countries loss it’s citizens because of wars.

  34. When will be our roads plain and wide?

  35. How do you climb to the reef all the time?

  36. Shut up your mouth the main cause is I am talking to you.

  37. Strictness is significant to individual’s body and also to our mind.

  38. I want to surf all the time when I bored doing something.

  39. Grandfather hardly gives to his grandchild few tasks so we appreciated that.

  40. In a film I seen such zones that I forgave to god me because I live in a very peaceful zone that is without any threat.

  41. Finally, I have learnt how to say apology to someone.

  42. Boldness Is that thing that it has not got everybody.

  43. I promise you to capture a butterfly after I will bring it to you.

  44. Computer’s cardinal item is the processor it calculates every data.

  45. I cannot imagine what to write to a word duke.

  46. Lawyer exposes guilty person to innocent or guilty.

  47. Recently I hired a new apartment from Tashkent but there is no gas.

  48. Innocent person never cheats this is a fact.

  49. Uzbekistan has got about 100 or more jails in there.

  50. Yesterday I heard that minsters of our country’s salary’s about 20 thousand USA dollar.

  51. I put on only ordinary cloths because I am not a fashionable man.

  52. I permanently use right hand than my left head.

  53. One country must preserve its citizens.

  54. When we meet first time with someone we have to pronounce our name.

  55. When you look to mirror it resembles your view.

  56. Might you tell me what is symptom of this wound?

  57. In URGUT’s people grows tobacco all the time but authority don’t give penalty to them.

  58. Why are twins so similar to each other?

  59. I would laugh when I saw the witch flies with broom.

  60. Now I am accompanying with my grandchild we are going to go to my son’s home.

  61. I am a bare man.

  62. Some universities have no more than 50 branches it is not a fact.

  63. If human cannot breathe it means probably he or she died.

  64. I am not expected that I would stand on London bridge.

  65. Don’t cast anything to me because of you it would be broken.

  66. I have to dare to make anything you want.

  67. Nowadays electronic is getting important but I think after 29 years it will be less essential than todays.

  68. I am sitting next to inn.

  69. Have you ever looked that things that you have not seen before like net?

  70. Actually I said earlier that philosophy is important but it is not important for us it only effective for who wants to learn this kind of subjects.

  71. In new year’s day most of people make meals on pots in fact this is more natural.

  72. I wanted to know what is inside of seed but you disturb me.

  73. When my second elder brother punishes me I call him sharp because his name in our language is O’TKIR so it means sharp in English.

  74. Around the world do not know about some special sorts of dogs that kills itself.

  75. You need to subtract A and B then continue again calculating. And or From

  76. Has she ever worn tights in her life?

  77. Virtual technologies are developing these days so learn how they work and what is inside of them.

  78. The day before yesterday I weighed 70 kilos but now I am weighing 5 kilos less than that day.

  79. Which one is significant whispering or yelling for him.?

  80. I must be abstract thing but people around me says don’t be like that you should be pessimist always be activist.

  81. Polar bears can eat annually.

  82. Mum once said to me “son give me clay” then I surprised I cannot think what was that thing that my mother wanted me to bring?

  83. Certainly curtains are so dirty you have to wash it immediately.

  84. If you study hard you will deserve to get a gift.

  85. When I was a kid I weighed the feather but I cannot weigh it because of family member didn’t let me to do.

  86. Grounds needed extra acid to get fertile harvest.

  87. Flooding is never happened in our country.

  88. You must not throw the furniture because you have not bought it to your money.

  89. When one person would die the other people make him a grave and put him in it.

  90. It would be ideal if you try to announce the advertises to public.

  91. Intelligence is human most thing that everything is come from it.

  92. Nowadays phones are making decisions to individual’s life.

  93. He obtained one specific word that it helps to his contributing.

  94. I needed to know religious words to identify exact point of mentioned above.

  95. Last time I changed my bicycle’s wheels in a very less amount of time.

  96. Permanently in my dreams I imagine to bask in shores but after I wake up I feel unhappy and I freshened up and get to work.

  97. Chinese often eats shell so their eyes are very clear and oval.

  98. I do not want to read any romantic poems.

  99. Online shopping is getting more popularity because it saves our valuable time.

  100. Now problems are arising a lot.

  101. Benefactors may not donate as well.

  102. Blacksmith’s hands are very powerful and useful.

  103. I think Charitable is important to improving their fate and beneficial for whom that always wants himself to become hero.

  104. There was not any chimney in school when I studied there but now there are a lot of it.

  105. Every person needed to compensate after crashed their cars but nowadays it is not so significant.

  106. Recently I have encountered with tremendous problems but I have solved them all.

  107. The US dollar is exceeding today. Don’t exchange dollar to sum.

  108. We need to forge our inner skills.

  109. Be humble and don’t boast with your strength one day you will get older after that maybe you realize that it is your fault.

  110. Iron is the hardest substance in the world.

  111. We have the longest ladder but we have hided it in untouchable place.

  112. Always Habib is modest and says truth

  113. Russia occupied to Ukraine in 2022 February.

  114. Penny is necessary to poverty people.

  115. Last day I preached in front of crowd and I was well-known but today I am as same as last day.

  116. Always prosper in your career when you fail those people laugh under you.

  117. China has lots of provinces than ours.

  118. I am very proud of you and you brought satisfaction to my mood.

  119. I usually tell to my students never stop sustain working tough but finally reach to you aims and ambitions.

  120. If you deceive you don’t acquire a new crown.

  121. Don’t feel awkward in relatives` home and other special places.

  122. We didn't take caretaker after our kid was kidnap.

  123. I never deceived anyone in all my life but I always deceive in dreams.

  124. When I see the picture of president it discourages me and I feel angry.

  125. Not everything is fake when you in your dreams.

  126. Hatred is bad feeling for whom that always breaks positive mood.

  127. Now I am looking to colorful huts that I have never seen such homes.

  128. My computer is not inferior than that one.

  129. Words like lodge and hut are the same meaning in English in general speaking these are synonyms.

  130. I hate when someone neglect to me after I do some work.

  131. Newcomer always would be shy and neglects nothing.

  132. Yesterday I predicted that in our village would be offense but it did not happen.

  133. You looked with overlook to alien.

  134. Repay your loan it is important to me because after I get money I purchase a new sheet.

  135. The movie was ridiculous.

  136. Your grades in UNI are satisfactory however these are not inferior to our company.

  137. We are shepherd because we have sheep.

  138. Don’t so venture to typing it seems easy however it is challenging.

  139. Wheat especially grows to highlands.

  140. Do you have any alley in your downtown?

  141. Using ax is dangerous to your life don’t use like that.

  142. Give me a bunch of grape I really want to eat.

  143. I think anyone has chores in its life.

  144. Do you think you are a decent person?

  145. If you fail in exams they say it is disgrace to money you spend.

  146. Elbow is the hardest bone in human’s body.

  147. I am grateful for your aid.

  148. Once I irritated with huge man and I kneeled him like cartoon in cat with boots.

  149. A month later my brother’s kid is same like him.

  150. I said that it is not strong but you didn’t trust me and continued. See with wide eyes what you did. It was loose.

  151. Did you offend anybody in your past time?

  152. How do you spend in overnight?

  153. Persist doing your current job and never quit this is special for your fate.

  154. Have you ever seen a pine?

  155. Do you have any scar in your face or any visible sections of your body?

  156. Do you have a sled? Why don’t you use that?

  157. When I hear the word tease I feel upset I try to leave there.

  158. We have enough information to word valentine our teacher informed us with special information.

  159. In spring trees bloom.

  160. This seat is compact to get rest.

  161. Did that girl with curl black hair tell you to utilize a tin?

  162. if you pour large amount of water to tree’s root they will be decay after several days.

  163. I hardly eat hamburger after it in dessert I eat cake.

  164. Dip your bread to honey and throw give it to dog.

  165. City is distant from us.

  166. All in my life I saw sun eclipse only one time.

  167. Do you believe that fairy is exist?

  168. Be on grace and don’t let anyone to insult you.

  169. What do you do in your leisure time?

  170. All over the world considers about mankind.

  171. Don’t trust to your passions. They deceive you.

  172. Pillow would be soft and light.

  173. Do you hear pulse of your heart usually?

  174. After lots of hours of thinking you need to refresh yourself.

  175. After you sneeze it means you have an ache.

  176. Are you fond of spices or another?

  177. Can you make whistle?

  178. We have lots of kilograms of wool.

  179. I acquainted with the famous person in the world.

  180. Cemeteries are calm so some people come to neat there.

  181. One day a strange man cursed me when I call him with his name.

  182. I had the best disguise when I was 13 years old however I lost it after watched it to unfamiliar girl.

  183. That is right there are lots of fancy things give me that lightening chair?

  184. We utilize the flashlight only in the evenings why because of light frequently turns off so it need us.

  185. Surly I never wear hood in winter.

  186. How many inhabitants have in your family?

  187. Don’t forget nourishing pappy.

  188. Once I met with a real pirate and we acquainted.

  189. Always in publication announces very terrific headlines.

  190. I want to give you amazing riddle be patiently.

  191. Root of tree are rotting these days.

  192. I never scare when I see a mouse.

  193. In a very short amount of time contribute to whom it is necessary.

  194. I am watching to my skeleton.

  195. Yesterday’s meal is spoiled now.

  196. I am really starving I want to eat.

  197. I am very thrill.

  198. This will be so wicked if you curse someone.

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