Win-Rar Zipped Folders

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Win-Rar Zipped Folders

In certain cases where it is ID ONLY and there is no reading option, you send us the ID file and we match it up to an Original at our end, we send both Original and Modified back to you in a “Zipped” folder. Below explains how to install WinRar and how to unzip your files.

  1. Download Win-Rar by simply typing it into google and clicking here:

  1. Click download WinRar

  1. Once downloaded install the program. This will change the icon of a zipped folder to:

  1. To extract the files right click on this icon and select “Extract here”.

  1. Two files will appear (The Original and the modified)

  1. Now delete this zip file and Click IN as normal on your race software.

  1. You can now proceed from step .35 in your reading / writing instruction manual.

Yüklə 4,04 Kb.

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