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The information on this form will be used to identify the veteran’s photograph for the Wall of Honor and for the veteran’s personal biography page in an album that will be on display in the Supervisor of Election’s office. Include as much or as little information as you wish and use the back side of this form or attach additional information, if necessary. You may attach an 8 ½-by-11-inch copy (not an original) of any item you’d like to include in the display album. When the display album is completed, it will be available to the public to view during office hours. We also want to honor our veterans on our Web site.

Please Print

Veteran’s Name:_____________________________________________________________________________
If you are submitting this for

A veteran, please print your name here:___________________________________________________________

Your relationship to the veteran:_________________________________________________________________
Branch of service:__________________ Rank at discharge (or current rank if now serving):_________________
Year service began:___________ Year service ended:___________ (if currently serving, write “present”)
Wars or conflicts veteran served in:_______________________________________________________________
Foreign countries where the veteran was stationed or served:___________________________________________
Medals/honors received:_______________________________________________________________________
If the veteran is deceased or MIA, you may provide information here (rank, date KIA or MIA, etc.):___________
Highlights of military service/important military experience:___________________________________________

May we use your photograph and biographic information in future brochures and on our Web site?

____Yes _____No (If you check “no,” we will post your photograph on the Wall in the Bradford County Courthouse ONLY and we will not use it anywhere else.)



Yüklə 9,48 Kb.

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