Too Close for Comfort- anne Mazer

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Too Close for Comfort- Anne Mazer

  1. What holiday was being celebrated at the beginning of the book? The 4th of July

  2. Who was T-Jeff? Abby's cat

  3. Where were they going on a family vacation ? On a camping trip to the state park.

  4. After Abby met Hannah and she was invited to come with them on the camping trip, what did Abby have all of her family sign? A peace proclamation that they wouldn't fight while they were on the trip

  5. What happened when they got to the State Park? The park Ranger told them that they didn't have a reservation and Mr. Hayes said that he had forgotten to make one. The Ranger did find a cancellation

  6. What was the new campsite like? Small, close to other sites, and noisey

  7. What did Hannah and Abby both want? Pierced ears

  8. Where did they go on the cold day? To pick blueberries

  9. How did they get rid of the many buckets of blueberries that they picked? They invited all of the other campers to a party

  10. Who was Abby's friend that they discovered at the campground? Brianna, a classmate who was always bragging about what she had and what she did.

  11. What did Mr. Hayes, Abby, Alex, and Hannah do together? They hiked to the mountain

  12. What happened on the hike? They got lost and took a long time to find their way back to camp

  13. What did Abby have that helped them get out of the woods safely? A compass

  14. When everyone got back to camp, where did Mr. Hayes take the whole family? To the lodge to sleep and to have Chinese take-out.

  15. Who became Abby's new best friend? Hannah

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