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Model of memorandum of association for a Luxembourg limited liability company (societe à responsabilite limitée, SARL)

This model of the memorandum of association can be adapted, where necessary, to suit the individual desires and needs of the founders. It does not engage the responsibility of the authors.

XYZ, SARL; Société à responsabilité limitée

Registered office: Luxembourg, [address]
In the year two thousand [year in words], on [date]

Before the notary Maître X, residing in [town]

1. Mr A, [profession], residing in [place of residence]

  1. Mrs A, [profession], residing in [place of residence]

  1. ABC, a société à responsabilité limitée registered in [country / nationalty / applicable law], with its registered office in [town], represented for the present purposes by [Managing Director] under the terms of a private power of attorney delivered to [name] on [date], which shall remain attached hereto, residing in [place of residence].

The appearing parties asked the acting notary to certify that below are the statutes of a société à responsabilité limitée, which they declare that they jointly form:

Section I: Name – Registered Office – Corporate Object -

Term – Share capital
Article 1 A Luxembourg registered société à responsabilité limitée, which will be governed by the relevant laws and by these statutes, is formed by the appearing parties between the current owners of the shares created below and all those who may subsequently become owners.
Article 2 The corporate object is [object].

In addition, the company may carry out any trading activity, provided that it is not specially regulated. In general, it may carry out all commercial, financial, movable and immovable operations that are directly related to the company object or whose nature is likely to facilitate or develop it.

Article 3 The company takes the name of XYZ, SARL.
Article 4 The registered office is established in Luxembourg. It can be transferred to any other location in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg by a simple decision of the partners. The company can open agencies or branches in any other locations in the country or abroad.
Article 5 The company is formed for an unlimited duration.
Article 6 The company’s share capital is fixed at the sum of EUR 12,500 (twelve thousand five hundred euros) (minimum share capital required), represented by five hundred (500) company shares, each with a nominal value of EUR 25 (twenty-five euros).
Each company share gives the right to one vote in the deliberations of the ordinary and extraordinary general meetings.
These shares are subscribed as follows:
1) By Mr A, described above, two hundred company shares 200

2) By Mrs B, described above, two hundred company shares 200

3) By the company ABC, described above, one hundred company shares 100

Total: five hundred company shares 500

All company shares have been fully paid up in cash, resulting in the amount of twelve thousand five hundred euros now being freely available to the company, as verified by the acting notary who expressly confirms this.
Article 7 Each company share gives the right to a fraction of the company assets and profits, in proportion to the total number of shares.
Article 8 The company shares can be freely transferred between the partners. They can only be transferred to non-partners with the consent of the partners’ general meeting representing at least three quarters of the company capital.
Section II. Administration – General Meeting
Article 9 The company is administered and managed by one or more managers, partners or otherwise, in return for payment or free of charge, appointed by the general meeting of partners, which defines their powers. They can be dismissed at any time by the partners’ meeting.
Unless the partners decide otherwise, the manager or managers have all necessary powers to act in the name of the company under all circumstances.
As simple representatives of the company, the manager(s) take on no personal obligation due to their position concerning the commitments properly taken by them in the name of the company; they shall only be responsible for the execution of their mandate.
Article 10 Each partner may take part in collective decisions whatever the number of shares held.
Each partner has a number of votes equal to the number of shares held or represented; each partner can be validly represented at meetings by the bearer of a special power of attorney.
Article 11 Collective decisions are only validly taken if they are adopted by partners holding more than half of the company capital.
Collective decisions concerning an amendment of the statutes must be taken by a majority of the partners representing three quarters of the company capital.
Section III: Financial year – Distribution of profits
Article 12 The financial year begins on the first of January and ends of the thirty-first of December of each year, with the exception of the first financial year, which starts on the date of formation and ends on the thirty-first of December [year in words].
Article 13 Each year, when the financial year is closed, the company accounts are closed and the administration draws up the company accounts, in accordance with the legal provisions in force.
Article 14 Any partner can obtain information on the inventory and the balance sheet at the registered office of the company.
Article 15 Any balance sheet surplus, after deduction of social security costs, depreciation and write-downs deemed necessary or useful by the partners, constitutes the net profit of the company.
Following the allocation to the legal reserve, the balance is freely available to the partners.

Section IV: Dissolution - Liquidation
Article 16 The company shall not be dissolved by the death, suspension, bankruptcy or ruin of a partner.
Article 17 The creditors, beneficiaries or heirs of a partner may not, for any reason whatsoever, place under seal the assets and documents of the company, nor interfere in any way in the acts of administration; in order to exercise their rights, they must abide by the values shown in the last balance sheets and inventories of the company.
Article 18 In the event of the dissolution of the company, the liquidation shall be performed by one or more liquidators, partners or otherwise, appointed by the partners, who shall define their powers and emoluments.

General provision
Article 19 For all points not specified in these statutes, the parties shall refer and submit to the legal provisions in force governing a société à responsabilité limitée.

Assessment of Costs
Article 20 The amount of the costs, expenses, remunerations and charges of any nature, to be paid by the company for its formation, stands at approximately EUR [amount in numbers] ([amount in words]).

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