Short Facts

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Short Facts

  • Short Facts

  • 275 employees 120 faculty, including 30 full professors of which several have industrial background and connections to the industry

  • 110 PhD students

  • 24 administrator and 11 system administrators

  • 162 PhD and 122 Licentiate degrees 1999-2013

  • Turnover 2013: 230 MSEK, (1/3 teaching, 2/3 research)

The IT Department is

  • The IT Department is

  • The fourth largest department at Uppsala University

  • The most complete department:

    • in Uppsala (balance between education and research)
    • in Sweden (unice coverage of IT)

Undergraduate Education

  • Undergraduate Education

  • 4000 students each year (about 1000 full time students)

  • Participation in about 30 study programs, a total of 150 courses starts per academic year.

  • Single subject courses, distance courses, summer courses and web based courses.

  • Everything from introductory courses for beginners to specialist courses.

  • 200 computer work stations for the students.

  • The Department received “The Undergraduate Education Department of the Year” Award 2009 by the Student Union.

  • Six teachers at the department have received the ”Pedagogical Award” (Pedagogiska priset) given by Uppsala University.


  • Research

  • Computer Systems

  • Computing Science

  • Scientific Computing

  • Systems and Control

  • Visual Information and Interaction

  • Computing Education Research

The IT Department hosts:

  • The IT Department hosts:

  • Research Centres

    • UPMARC (Uppsala Programming for Multicore Architectures) 2008-2018, a Linnaeus center funded by the Swedish Research Council. Total budget: 100 million SEK.
    • WISENET (Uppsala Center for Wireless Sensor Networks) 2007-2016. A center of Excellence funded by Vinnova. Total budget: 210 million SEK.
    • eSSENCE – a national collaboration in e-science. 26 MSEK/year.
  • SNIC (Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing), is under the Swedish Science Council a metacentre whose task is to coordinate and develop high end computing capacity for Swedish research.

  • UPPMAX (Uppsala Multidisciplinary Center for Advanced Computational Science), which is Uppsala University's center for high performance computing.

Citations from external evaluations (KoF07 & KoF11)

  • Citations from external evaluations (KoF07 & KoF11)

  • The friendly atmosphere and the cohesiveness that prevails at the Information Technology Department have been mentioned by several members. The panel believes that such friendly atmosphere is indeed a valuable and rather unique asset that undoubtedly contributes to the quality of the work performed at the department.

  • ... world-class quality ... world leading ... internationally recognized


  • Impact

  • Our graduated students and PhDs are much appreciated in industry and academia.

  • Several high tech spin-offs: Skype, Acumem, Trade Extensions, OptiMobile, Wisenet Holding

  • Collaboration with several major Swedish companies: Ericsson, ABB, Scania, Volvo…

  • Future systems for train traffic control in Sweden is based on HCI research.

  • Extensive academic collaboration nationally and internationally.

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