Seven Daughters and Seven Sons

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Seven Daughters and Seven Sons

Reading Comprehension Questions – ANSWER KEY

Part One, Pages 1 – 38

1. Describe the narrator of Part One.

Buran, the main character, is the narrator of Part One.

2. What is her name and place in the family?

Buran is the 4th born daughter out of 7 daughters.
3. What “men’s amusement” does Buran’s father teach her to play?
Buran’s father teaches Buran to play chess.
4. Why do you think he does this?
Buran’s father teaches her to play chess because he has no sons to teach. Since he only has 7 daughters, if he wants to be able to play chess at all, he must teach one of the girls how to play.
5. What does this tell you about Buran’s relationship with her father?
Buran’s father clearly favors Buran. She is his favorite daughter of the 7 daughters.
6. Why has Buran’s uncle and cousin come to see her father?
Buran’s uncle comes to tell the family that his oldest son, Hassan, will be leaving in the morning to go to Alexandria to open a merchant store. Once it is up and running, each of his 7 sons will go to a different city to do the same.
7. What terrible “truth” does Buran learn by overhearing the conversation between her uncle, cousin, and her father?
Buran learns that her uncle will not allow any of his 7 sons to marry any of Buran’s sisters because they are too poor.
8. Why does Buran’s father agree to let her go off on her own, pretending to be a boy?
Buran’s father gets very sick and is unable to work. He almost dies. Buran’s father realizes that if he dies, nobody will take care of his wife or his 7 daughters.

9. What story do Buran’s mother and father tell her sisters about where Buran has gone?

Buran’s mother and father tell her sisters that Buran has gone to be a servant in a rich man’s house.
10. To which sister is Buran unable to say good-bye? Why?
Buran is unable to say good-bye to her baby sister, Darirah. This is because Darirah is tenderhearted and would cry so much that Buran would be unable to leave.
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