Roland Klement new Board Member at Schmitz Cargobull

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Press Release

Schmitz Cargobull AG
Roland Klement new Board Member at Schmitz Cargobull

Brake systems expert takes over the Research and Development Division
Horstmar, 4th July 2012 – The Schmitz Cargobull AG Supervisory Board has appointed Roland Klement (53) as new Board Member for its Research and Development Division.

The automotive technology engineer, originally from Munich, commenced his career with brake systems specialist, Knorr-Bremse following the completion of his university studies in 1986. After running the road trials department, he was then promoted to the position of project coordinator for commercial vehicle electronic brake systems.

Klement managed projects and development tasks for the EBS 5 generation and successfully coordinated the series launch at three international commercial vehicle manufacturers.

From 2005 onward, Klement headed-up the "Center of Competence" for disc brakes, further increasing the market shares during this period. In addition, Knorr-Bremse established disc brake technologies with specific developments in South America, the USA and China.

"We are pleased to have gained such a first-class expert and sector insider for the Research and Development Division,” said Ulrich Schümer, Chairman of the Board, Schmitz Cargobull AG.

Klement, who is married with one daughter, succeeds Dr. Jörg Ebert on the Board of Management and will work alongside Ulrich Schümer (Chairman of the Board), Ulrich Schöpker (Sales Western Europe and Marketing), Andreas Schmitz (Sales Central and Eastern Europe, Used Vehicles) and Josef Buddenkotte (Operations).

About the Company:
Schmitz Cargobull AG has its origins in Altenberge in Munsterland (Germany) and was founded as a forge in 1892. Since then the company has developed into the European trailer and body manufacturer with the highest turnover in the commercial vehicle industry. Schmitz Cargobull currently operates seven industrial production sites in Europe. The sales markets consist of all European countries, including Central and Eastern Europe as well as the Middle East. The Company delivers box semitrailers for transporting foodstuffs in the dry freight and refrigerated transport sector. It also manufactures platform semitrailers and curtainsider semitrailers for general cargo and finished commercial products (beverages, paper, steel), tipper trailers for bulk goods and also semitrailer container chassis for intermodal transport. Schmitz Cargobull produced approximately 45,000 vehicles during the 2011/2012 business year. A complete package of services rounds out the company's portfolio: Cargobull Finance - leasing and hire-purchase, Cargobull Parts & Services - service and spare parts, Cargobull Service Partners - repairs and maintenance, Cargobull Telematics - trailer telematics along with the Cargobull Trailer Store - used-vehicles.

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