Recommendation of the Priest and Vestry for Postulancy

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Application for Holy Orders – Deacon

Page of Form 2 – Nomination of Aspirant Revised Nov. 2015

To: The Right Reverend Kirk Stevan Smith

Bishop of Arizona & Commission on Ministry

114 West Roosevelt

Phoenix, AZ 85003-1406

We, being a two-thirds majority of the whole Vestry/Bishop’s Committee/Chapter of
______________________________Congregation in_________________________, Arizona,
do hereby certify that ___________________________________________ is a confirmed adult communicant in good standing of this Congregation. We have observed in this person a gift for calling others into a closer relationship with Christ and a deeper communion with one another. And, we do judge the applicant based on personal knowledge, to possess such qualifications as would be fitting for Nomination to Holy Orders as a potential Deacon. We pledge financial support and encouragement in his/her preparation for ordination to the Diaconate.
[Print and Sign] [Print and Sign]

Dated ___________________ Rector/Vicar _________________________________________

I hereby certify that the foregoing certificate was signed at a meeting of the Vestry of

________________________________ Congregation, in ________________________, Arizona

duly convened at _________________________________ on the _____ day of ______, 20____, and that the names attached are those of all (or two-thirds majority of all) the members of the Vestry/Bishop’s Committee/Chapter.

Clerk (or Secretary) of the Vestry/Bishop’s Committee/Chapter

Aspirant’s Acceptance of Nomination (signed) _______________________________________ Date ________
[This acceptance signifies the beginning of the mandatory minimum 18 months of formation toward ordination]

Payment of Fee for Psychological Evaluation
Please attach a check or checks in the amount of $725.00. This is to cover the cost of the Canonically required psychological evaluation. The Commission on Ministry recommends that this Fee be shared by the Nominee and the Sponsoring Parish. Check/s should be payable to the Episcopal Diocese of Arizona with a Memo line notation “C.O.M. Fee: Psychological Evaluation”. If the Nominee and Parish require financial assistance, please attach a check/s with partial payment and a letter requesting assistance for the remainder of the Fee. (Note: if the nominee is recommended for postulancy there will be an additional fee of $160.00 to cover the canonically required Background Check. If applicable, instructions for payment of the Background Check Fee will be included in a letter informing the Nominee of the recommendation for Postulancy.)
Parish Discernment Committee Report
We, the members of the Parish Discernment Committee are reporting on behalf of Aspirant:

_____________________________________________________________________, of the ________________________________________________________________ congregation.

Having met together _____ times from _______________ to _______________ and with consensus, we make the following recommendation, that the Aspirant is called to be a:

  • Priest

  • Deacon

  • Lay Minister for the following ministry: ________________________________

Please attach supporting Report of the Parish Discernment Committee along with the Priest’s Confidential Letter of Recommendation. In writing the report, please bear in mind that the Bishop and the Commission on Ministry understand the characteristics of the priestly call to be described in the Examination from the liturgy for the Ordination of a Priest which begins on page 531 in the Book of Common Prayer. See Form 2B for information helpful in preparing the reporting.
Signed and Dated:


When mailing this document, please address exactly as shown in the “To:” portion of this form. Please use the Return Receipt Requested service if mailing via US Postal Service.

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