Professor Józef T. Haponiuk

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Professor Józef T. Haponiuk

Polymers Technology Department
Faculty of Chemistry
Gdansk University of Technology

Building Chemia C

Room 201
Tel. 058 3472134


Topics of PhD theses offered:

Research on polymer and rubber recycling.

Polymer nanomaterials, composites, nanocomposites polyurethane adhesives and foams:

  • obtained from raw materials from renewable sources and using recycled plastic products.

  • with increased fire resistance and environmental stability

  • dedicated to specific applications.

For example, using biomass liquefaction products. polyurethane thermal insulation materials will be developed which will be characterized by low production costs, good performance and low thermal conductivity. The technology developed by the project will demonstrate high application potential as it is a response to the current demand of the Polish and world market of polyurethane foams.

Information about scientific projects conducted in the last five years (title, amount):
RX-03/46/2011 (2011-2013) Research and Development Project - Alternative products of material recycling of rubber waste, 400 000 PLN

Scientific publications and the number of citations

76 publications (in JCR-listed journals);
369 citations (without autocitations; according to Web of Science as of 21.5.2018

H Index : 13 (Web of Science)

List of selected publications and/or patents from the period 2013-2017 (the maximum number is five) that has served as a criterium for being placed on the list of promoters in accordance with the Resolution of the Faculty of Chemistry (for each publication, indicate IF and quartile)

1. Reghunadhan, A., Datta, J Kalarikkal, N Haponiuk, JT Thomas: Toughness augmentation by fibrillation and yielding in nanostructured blends with recycled polyurethane as a modifier APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE 2018, 442, 403, IF=3,387 Q1 MATERIALS SCIENCE, COATINGS & FILMS

2. Hejna, A Kosmela,  Kirpluks, M Cabulis, U Klein, Haponiuk, J Piszczyk, L: Structure, Mechanical, Thermal and Fire Behavior Assessments of Environmentally Friendly Crude Glycerol-Based Rigid Polyisocyanurate Foams, JOURNAL OF POLYMERS AND THE ENVIRONMENT 2018, 26, 1854, IF=1,887 Q2 POLYMER SCIENCE

3. Kosmela, P Kazimierski, P  Formela, K Haponiuk, J Piszczyk: Liquefaction of macroalgae Enteromorpha biomass for the preparation of biopolyols by using crude glicerol, JOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL AND ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY 2017, 56, 399 , IF=4,421 Q1 ENGINEERING, CHEMICAL

4. Gopi, S Amalraj, A Jude, Varma, K Sreeraj, T  Haponiuk, JT Thomas, S: Preparation, characterization and anti-colitis activity o curcumin-asafoetida complex encapsulated in turmeric nanofiber, MATERIALS SCIENCE & ENGINEERING C-MATERIALS FOR BIOLOGICAL APPLICATIONS 2017, 81, 20 IF=4,164 Q2 MATERIALS SCIENCE, BIOMATERIALS

5. Rutkowski, S Zych, A Przybysz, M Bouyahyi, M Sowinski, P Koevoets, R Haponiuk, J Graf, Hansen, MR Jasinska-Walc, L Duchateau, R: Toward Polyethylene-Polyester Block and Graft Copolymers with Tunable Polarity MACROMOLECULES 2017, 50, 107 IF = 5,835 Q1 POLYMER SCIENCE
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