Problem-Solution Format Analyzing the Problem Define the problem

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Problem-Solution Format Analyzing the Problem

  • Define the problem:

    • What is the undesirable present? (State the problem in a declarative sentence.)
    • What is the desired goal?
    • What are the obstacles to reaching the desired goal?
    • Identify which obstacles can be eliminated.
    • Identify which obstacles can be managed.
    • Identify possible future obstacles, if any.


  • What are the causes of the problem? Consider multiple cases such as:

    • Unpredictable
    • Negligence
    • Criminal activity
    • Economics
    • Politics
    • Technology
    • Consumer demand



  • Who is directly affected by the problem?

  • Who is indirectly affected by the problem?

  • What will happen if nothing is done about the problem?

  • What is the extent of the problem?

    • Consider the history of the problem
    • Consider the geographical proportions of the problem.

Analyzing the Solution

  • What are some of the possible solutions?

    • What is the criteria for a satisfactory solution?
    • Why are some solutions acceptable and others rejected?
  • What is the ideal solution?

    • Is it practical and workable?
    • Is it moral and ethical?
    • Is it legal?
    • Is it logistically feasible?
    • Is it economically feasible?


  • Who supports the solution?

    • Professional organizations?
    • Legal and/or medical experts?
    • Politicians?
    • Citizen grassroots groups?
    • Media?
    • Victims of the problem?
    • Voters?


  • Who opposes the solution?

    • Same as above
    • Corporations and/or stockholders
    • Other cities, states, or countries?
  • How can you refute their arguments?

  • What can we, as individuals, do to help solve the problem?

  • Who has the jurisdiction to implement the solution?

    • Legislature
    • Individuals
    • organizations

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