Press Release 31 March 2015 Achieve perfection every time

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Press Release

31 March 2015

Achieve perfection every time

Achieving the perfect hole very time has never been easier with the launch of the ProFit BiMetal Plus hole saw from Super Rod.

The smarter choice for drilling through metal, the ProFit BiMetal Plus is just one of the products in the ProFit hole saw system which uses the unique Click and Drill mechanism to allow the installer to quickly and easily remove the plug from the hole saw to save valuable time on site.

The ProFit BiMetal Plus hole saw is manufactured from cobalt which results in a better cutting performance of up to five times faster, and a ten times longer tool life than any other product on the market. A chamfer in the gullet of the teeth also provides better chip clearance ensuring the perfect end result - every time.

Managing Director, Malcolm Duncan says: “Saving time on site whilst carrying out the perfect installation are the two main things which every installer strives for and this product provides the answer to both of these requirements. The fact that it is also available with a regular and variable pitch, in four different sizes which cover a variety of applications means that installers will never need to buy another hole saw again.”
The ProFit BiMetal Plus comes complete with a centre drill in a range of sizes from an 8mm hex shank and HSS drill length of 184mm for 16-30mm hole saws to a 10mm hex shank and HSS drill length of 186mm for 32-330mm hole saws.

For further information about Super Rod please contact:

Gina Dunn

Super Rod

Tel: 01495 792000


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