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Food Services Advisory Council

October 22nd, 2012

12:00 PM

Auxiliary Services Conference Room (Bldg. 8, Rm. 1106)

Members Present: Britt Stromquist (Chair), Young Tae Choi, Hyung-Seok Lee, Jacqueline Shank, Dee Robertson-Lee, Fransua Estrada, Maria Cartolano, Tom Van Schoor

Members Absent: Paul Schreier, Corey Amira, Nuria Ibanez, Catherine Christie, Mike Naughton

Others Present: Vince Smyth (Auxiliary), Dave Jordan (Chartwells), Alicia Larriu(Chartwells), Rhea Sparks (Auxiliary)

The meeting was called to order at 12:07 PM by Britt Stromquist (Chair)

  1. Approval to Audio Record Meeting

Britt notified members that the meeting was being recorded to assist when writing meeting minutes.

  1. Introductions

All members attending introduced themselves.

  1. Approve February 15, 2012 Minutes

Britt Stromquist asked members to review the minutes from February 15, 2012 meeting. Moved by Tom Van Schoor and seconded by Dee Robertson-Lee that the minutes be approved as written. The motion passed unanimously.

  1. Review Bylaws

Britt Stromquist asked if there were any changes to be made to the bylaws. No indication was made to make changes.

  1. Vice Chair Nominations

Britt Stromquist asked if anyone was interested in being Vice Chair of the council, and stated that the Vice Chair typically succeeds the Chair the following year. Jacqueline Shank offered to be Vice Chair, and the Council was in agreement. The nomination will be submitted to the President for ratification.

  1. Mandatory Meal Plans

Vince Smyth stated that the mandatory meal plans had started in summer 2012 term. FTICs were required to live on-campus and have mandatory meal plans. There were very few meal-plan only exemptions. Typically if a student received a housing exemption, they also received a meal plan exemption as well. In the future, FTICs will not be required to live on campus during the summer term, only fall and spring. However, if they choose to live on campus during summer term they will have to have a meal plan. Dave Jordan indicated that more people have requested to be on the meal plan, as opposed to not. Last fall there were only 994 meal plans and for fall 2012 there are 2,050 meal plans. This number includes upper classmen, faculty and staff.

Tom Van Schoor asked what the criteria are to receive an exemption from the meal plan. Dave responded that they received requests for religious reasons or dietary requirements.

  1. Facilities Report

Vince Smyth briefly went over his role with the Food Service Council and Chartwells and his responsibility as the Director of Auxiliary Services. On a day to day basis he acts as the University’s liaison with Chartwells. He stated that he typically likes to inform Council of any changes in the Chartwells contract and any facilities updates so that the council knows what is going on.

Vince mentioned that currently they are working on adding an amendment mostly to address FERPA issues. There is a need for Chartwells to be able to lift the hold in real time at the time the deposit has been paid at orientation so that the student can register that day, but because of FERPA the amendment is necessary to add language to the contract concerning student information confidentiality.

  1. Operational Report

Dave Jordan stated that cafeteria sales are at around $10,000 – $13,000 a week, as opposed to $4,000 a week two years ago in the old Osprey Cafe. However, the Student Union sales are suffering. This October’s sales are $139,000 less, about 47%, than last October, but he attributes the loss of sales due to students going to the new Osprey Café. Last year the main location for meals was the food court at the Student Union and Sbarros, so the drop of sales is most likely artificial. He reported that Sbarros, Alumni Square Outtakes, and Student Union Outtakes sales are close to last year’s. Freshens has been changed to Chopped ‘N Wrapped, since sales had declined after Starbucks had been opened. Chopped ‘N Wrapped sales have remained the same as when it was Freshens. Overall, campus sales are up. Also, the MyMeals operation that was in the Student Union has been removed, due to the Osprey Café opening.

Jamba Juice is now opened and operating inside the new Student Wellness Center. Their sales starting out were stronger than anticipated, around $2,000 - $2,200 per day. Now that Jamba Juice has been open for a while, sales have settled to around $1,600 - $1,700 per day during the week. However, weekend sales are suffering. Sales have been $400 - $500 per day, when ideally it needs to be at least at $700 - $800 per day. Options are going to be explored to raise sales on weekends, because due to low sales fresh product is being wasted.

Vince noted that all funding and approvals are in place to swap out Salsarita’s with Papa John’s Pizza and Sbarros with Chick-fil-A. Dave stated that the popular dishes at Salsarita’s will be offered at Chick-n-Grill after Salsarita’s is removed. Dee Robertson-Lee asked if Sbarros chose to leave, or if their contract is expiring. Vince responded that it is due to two things. One, Papa Johns is a more popular pizza brand, and secondly that the Sbarros location is the best location to place the Chick-fil-A because of some of their space requirements. He also noted that Papa Johns and Chick-fil-A are both really popular on college campuses currently. Dave Jordan added that Sbarros contract with Chartwells is going to be expiring in May 2013 after being renewed once, and that they have been on the UNF campus for ten years.

Dave reported that they had changed management at Starbucks, and since then sales have been very strong. They have received a lot of positive feedback from customers, and that speed of service has been improved.

The Boathouse now has a full liquor license. Chartwells has been working with Student Government and Osprey Productions to make it ‘the place to be’ on campus. They have been placing a lot of focus on the weekends with football games, activity nights and have extended hours.

Chartwells mentioned that they have now switched their surveys to electronic form. The surveys can be sent accessed via a QR code that can be scanned with a smartphone, or e-mail. The new surveys also have fewer questions, and are delivered later in the year. This is to attempt to receive more accurate feedback from students.

Chartwells also has begun a new initiative called Project Clean Plate to reduce the amount of food waste from Osprey Café. For two weeks they monitored the amount of waste, and when weighed equaled to 4,488 pounds of food waste per week. They have teamed up with Environmental Club to educate students, and if they came to the tray return with less than one ounce of food waste they received a raffle ticket for a chance to win a Kindle Fire. If they manage to reduce food waste by 10% Chartwells will donate to a local charity of the student body’s choice. Dee Robertson-Lee asked what is being done with the vegetable waste, and Chartwells responded that the university is working on a compost project.

Also, Chartwells is promoting their Balanced U program, which allows students to go online, or via the iPad kiosks in Osprey Café, to see the nutritional information of all products offered for sale in Osprey Café. Students are able to put together a complete meal to make sure they know what they’ll be receiving nutritionally before they even pick out their food. Also, students are able to leave comments and suggestions via the iPad kiosks as well.

  1. Emerging/Other Issues

None were mentioned.

  1. Future Meeting(s)

Britt mentioned that the next meeting will be in the Spring of next year unless issues arise.

The meeting was called to close at 12:36 PM by Britt Stromquist (Chair.)
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