Phone 9817 3936 abn no: 88 791 813 415

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Melbourne Bridge Club

MCC Kew 397 Barkers Rd Kew 3101

Phone 9817 3936 ABN No: 88 791 813 415

Directors: Ian Mansell Sandra Mansell

Newsletter for week ending 05 November 2017

North - South East - West

Monday Day Janet Reynolds & Peter Cork** Lauraine & Jack Smit

Night Barbara Davey & Scott Anderson Leonie and Peter Silk

Tuesday Day Brenda Glynn & Lynne Dorgan Haddon Storey & Mike Macrow

Night Roger Taylor & Chris Raisin** Robert White & George Vermont

Wednesday Sandra Mansell & Maria King Libby Paterson & Nola White**

Friday Merryl Howell & Thea Sartori Diva Hatfield & Geraldine Foley**

Saturday Helen Kremer & Gordon Smyth Savina Bianchi & Ralph Lurie

Hand of the week Friday 03 Nov Board 36 Dealer W Vul all

 AK9

 A94

 K52

 A962

 J872  Q105

 76  QJ52

 AJ873  Q1096

 KJ  108

 643

 K1083

 4

 Q7543



1NT - 2 -

2 3 -

5 =
Bidding, not for children or the faint hearted!

West passes and, with 18 HCP, what should North bid? Normally, playing a 15-17 NT, North would open 1, but for the sake of this newsletter, suppose North decides to open 1NT. With only 5 HCP what should South call? Technically, South should pass, but with a 4-card heart suit South decides to see if they have a heart fit and so trots out Stayman (if it comes to the worst and North bids 2, South plans to pass and they will be in a 4-3 fit). When North shows no major South decides that they therefore should have a club fit and bids 3. North, with 4 clubs and an extra HCP, decides to raise to 5.
If West leads the A there wouldn’t be a story. The worst possible lead for South is a small spade. Declarer must win in Dummy, and play a heart to the K, and now must play a small diamond. West must take their A and should lead another spade. Declarer wins the K, and plays the K discarding the 6, and ruffs a spade and leads a heart to the A. Now a diamond is ruffed and finally a small club is led to the A and a small club to West’s K putting West on lead holding only spades and diamonds. Whatever suit West leads, the 9 can be safely discarded from dummy and Declarer will make all their contract. This play is known as a “Strip and throw in.”

Cup Day Tournament 7th November: 11.00 am. Cost $30.00 (includes lunch). If interested please write name on one of the notices on the noticeboard. NOTE: there will be NO Bridge Sessions Monday Night 06 November and Tuesday Night 07 November.
The next Red point events will be held on Tuesday 14th November at 7.30 pm and Saturday 25th November 1.00 pm. All welcome!
Sandra and Ian

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