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job. An object that represents a request to print or transmit one or more documents together in a single printing session. A job includes the data to be printed or transmitted and resources such as fonts, images, and overlays. Depending on how it was submitted, it may also include a job ticket. Synonymous with job bundle, print job.

job control language (JCL). A language for describing jobs (units of work) to the MVS, OS/390, and VSE operating systems, which run on IBM's S/390 large servers (mainframe computers). These operating systems allocate their time and space resources among the total number of jobs that have been started in the computer. Jobs in turn break down into job steps. All the statements required to run a particular program constitute a job step.

Job Entry Subsystem (JES). In MVS and OS/390, the part of the operating system that handles JCL is called the Job Entry Subsystem (JES). There are two versions, JES2 and JES3. JES manages all background (batch) jobs on the system and handles print spooling.

job data. The page descriptions, merge data, and embellishments that compose a document in a job, either directly or by reference.

job submitter. The person who submits jobs for printing. Often, this person is an application programmer who maintains applications that generate data to be printed.

job ticket. The customer's hardcopy or electronic instructions listing all the variables describing a print job, either directly or by reference. The print shop can add specifications to the job ticket and can print the job ticket.

jog. The offset stacking of individual sheets or sets of sheets in the output hopper of a page printer.

Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG). A compressed graphics format widely used on the Internet.

Job Lot Paper

Paper that didn't meet specifications when produced, has been discontinued, or for other reasons is no longer considered first quality.

Job Number

A number assigned to a specific printing project in a printing company for use in tracking and historical record keeping.


A vibration machine with a slopping platform to even-up stacks of printed materials.

The effect caused by images or lines being rendered at too low a resolution. It can easily be defined as a stair-stepped effect giving the line or image a rough appearance.

Job Shop - Commercial printing company.

Jumbo Roll - Roll size that does not require off-machine rewinding. Generally these rolls measure 17 1/2” and larger in width.


In a printer, a condition where forms have become blocked or wedged in the forms path such that the printer cannot operate.

Just-Noticeable Difference
In the CIELAB color model, a difference in hue, chroma, or intensity, or some combination of all three, that is apparent to a trained observer under ideal lighting conditions.

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