Mission and Vision

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Herbert School Handbook


Home of the Herbert Laurels

Principal’s Welcome Message
On behalf of the students and staff, I want offer a sincere welcome to the Herbert School family. Herbert School is a K to 12 school that serves elementary, middle years, and secondary students to the students of Herbert, Morse, and surrounding areas. At Herbert School, students have a diverse range of curricular and extra-curricular opportunities. We are proud of the tradition of excellence at Herbert School and take pride in engaging students, parents, and staff to create the ideal vision for our school. We hope this handbook will assist students and parents by providing valuable information about Herbert School. I am always available to meet with parents and my office is always open. I always enjoy meeting with parents and I encourage you to stop by the school for a visit. I wish our students all the best for a great 2014/2015 school year!
Kindest Regards,

Arron Kohlman

Mission and Vision

Mission: Herbert School facilitates the learning and growth of all students, fostering their individuality and promoting effective citizenship.
Vision: Herbert School is a community where students and staff feel safe and valued - demonstrating respect, responsibility, and pride –while developing an appreciation for life-long learning.

Contact Information


Arron Kohlman


(306) 784-2454


Randy McCulloch


(306) 784-3101




Teaching Staff

Mrs. Mary-Anne Montgomery - Kindergarten

Mrs. Suzanne Boutilier- Grade 1/2

Ms. Crystal Boorman - Grade 2/3

Mrs. Trina Forythe – Grade 3/4

Mrs. Sheryl Siemens - Grade 5/6

Mr. Randy McCulloch - Grade 7, Vice-Principal

Mrs. Donna Bryck-Beach – m.y.

Mr. Ryan Gunstenson – m.y./h.s.

Ms. Amanda Hagman – m.y/h.s.

Mr. David Choi – m.y./h.s.

Mr. Jim Murray – h.s.

Mr. Brian Forsythe- elem./m.y./h.s.

Ms. Lori Moon-Penner – Learning Intervention

Ms. Pat Jahnke – Student Services

Mrs. Kelly Gerhardt – Student Counsellor

Mr. Arron Kohlman - Principal

Support Staff

Ms. Susan Anderson - Educational Assistant

Ms. Melanie Clark - Educational Assistant

Ms. Darlene Enns - Educational Assistant

Mr. Donovan Epp – Educational Assistant

Ms. Martha Funk - Custodian

Ms. Anne Francis - Office Manager

Ms. Rhonda Gerl - Facilities Manager

Ms. Laurie Giesbrecht - Custodian

Ms. Anne Haubrich - Educational Assistant

Ms. Natasha Jahnke - Educational Assistant

Ms. Lorraine Klassen – Educational Assistant

Ms. Evelyn Nickel - Noon Supervisor

Ms. Krista Routledge - Librarian

Ms. Susan Selke – Educational Assistant

Ms. Connie Wiebe - Educational Assistant

Ms. Marion Wiebe - Educational Assistant

Ms. Lori Newton – Educational Assistant

Program of Studies

Core Academic Program

  • Language Arts

  • Mathematics

  • Science

  • Social Studies

  • Health (K-7)

  • Physical Education

  • Guidance (6-9)

  • Arts Education

Complementary Program

  • Industrial Arts (7-9)

  • Home Economics (7-9)

  • Cosmetology

Division IV Credits

10 Level
English (2)

Social Studies


Math (2)



Inf. Processing

Work Exp. (2)


20 Level
English (1)

Social Studies




Math (2)

Phys. Ed.



30 Level
English (2)





Math (2)

Phys. Ed.



Other credits are available through Distance Learning. Availability varies from year to year. Students are expected to carry a full academic load (10 credits each year). If students wish to drop a class offering, they must obtain permission from their parents and Herbert School administration.

Chinook School Division’s Distance Learning Program
The Chinook Cyber School (CCS) was established in the fall of 2010 to provide Chinook students with a unique online learning opportunity. We are excited to be able to support our students in their quest for academic excellence and exploration. We believe there are No Limits to our student's educational opportunities.

Extracurricular Program
Herbert School also offers an extensive list of extra-curricular activities. All students are encouraged to become involved in the extracurricular activities of the school.
Extracurricular Activities

Cross Country




Ultimate Frisbee


Track & Field






An intramural program is available for grades 5-12.

Teachers use the Chinook School Division’s Assessment Guidelines and the Herbert School Assessment Policy. These documents are available from teachers and administration.
Report Cards

  • Report cards for grades 10-12 will sent home 4 times each year.

  • Report cards for grades K-9 will be sent home 3 times each year.

Student Led Conferences.

Teachers may meet with parents at any time during the year at the request of teacher or parent.

Formal student led conference evenings will be scheduled twice each year. Students are strongly encouraged to attend these conferences.
Student Behaviour Policies
Behaviour Matrix

Herbert School promotes positive student behaviour based on a behaviour matrix developed by staff, students, and community members. This matrix describes expected behaviours in specific locations and situations in the school. Students are taught the expectations and then reinforced when they behave appropriately.

The matrix focuses on three core values: Respect, Responsibility, and Pride.


In The Classroom


  • Be polite (say please and thank you)

  • Pay attention to the speaker (speak when appropriate)

  • Care for others and property

  • Use appropriate language and volume


  • Be prepared and on-time for class

  • Clean up after yourself and others

  • Display positive attitude toward learning

  • Follow classroom expectations and directions

  • Finish work on time

  • Be organized

  • Be honest


  • Work to the best of your ability

  • Acknowledge positive acts, efforts, and achievements

  • Participate positively in classroom activities

  • Offer to help others

  • Demonstrate an open mind

  • Be positive and encouraging


In The Hallways


  • Use appropriate language and volume

  • Take off hats

  • Respect personal space

  • Be considerate of school property

  • Be considerate of others’ property


  • Clean up after yourself and others

  • Dress appropriately

  • Walk at an appropriate pace

  • Clean up after yourself and others (keep the school clean)

  • Make others aware of the rules

  • Report dangerous situations

  • Look out for others


  • Be kind and welcoming to visitors

  • Be a positive role model

  • Participate in school activities and events

  • Include everyone

  • Be involved in extra-curricular events

  • Compliment others on their work & accomplishments

  • Be a good sport




  • Use equipment for intended purpose

  • Share resources

  • Follow supervisors’ instructions

  • Use at appropriate times


  • Return equipment

  • Keep food and drinks outside of gym and off the stage

  • Leave promptly at the bell

  • Ask permission for equipment room, office, and props room

  • Use appropriate footwear


  • Leave a legacy

  • Encourage participation

  • Include others

  • Organize group activities

  • Support all activities

  • Promote physical health




  • Be polite

  • Be kind

  • Respect personal space

  • Take turns and include others

  • Use Stop/Walk/Talk

  • Respect the work & play of others

  • Follow directions given by adults

  • Use equipment and the play structure properly


  • Be safe

  • Dress appropriately

  • Stay in the correct area

  • Use appropriate language

  • Leave and return at the correct bell

  • Play appropriate games

  • Use the correct entrance


  • Be a good sport

  • Be a good role model\

  • Be active

  • Use the boot racks for outdoor shoes

  • Keep the playground clean and neat

  • Have a positive attitude about going outside.

Phone Calls

At Herbert School we try very hard to limit interruptions that distract our students from learning. For that reason we prefer to take messages from anyone phoning for students or teachers during class time. Students will be pulled from class to answer a phone call only if the phone call is very important.

Personal Electronic Devices

Music players such as iPods are not to be used in class unless the student has received specific permission for their use from a teacher. This also applies to tablets, laptops, gaming devices, and similar items.

Cell Phones

Cell phones, whether used for voice calls, texting, or games can be a serious distraction to students that interferes with their learning. Also, many businesses have severe consequences for inappropriate cell phone use and in Herbert School we feel it is important for students to learn societal norms and expectations for cell phone use. For those reasons, the following cell phone policy has been developed:

Students are free to use their cell phones on campus before school, after school and during lunch period.
Cell phones are not to be used during class time unless they have been given permission by the teacher to use them for educational purposes.
The school’s discipline policy will apply should a student engage in using his/her cellphone during class without a teacher’s permission. It will more than likely be dealt with as a case of defiance.
Computer/Internet Use Policy

Students and staff must comply with the Chinook School Division's Acceptable Use Policy. Students and parents will be given this policy at the beginning of every school year. It must be signed and returned to school.

Tobacco Products

Herbert School is a smoke-free facility and it is illegal for anyone to smoke anywhere on school property and there is a fine associated with this law. Using tobacco products of any kind while on school property will result in consequences that may include suspension or legal action.

Substance Abuse

It is unacceptable for any person to be under the influence of, or in the possession of alcohol or other illegal drugs while at school and/or involved in a school-sponsored activity. This includes participants or spectators.

Violation of this policy will result in consequences that may include suspension or legal action.

Herbert School is a conservative institution and the way students dress should reflect this. Dress should show respect for self and others.

All students will need an extra set of footwear in wet or muddy conditions and will be asked to change footwear when they enter the school. Students must wear footwear when playing outside at recess and noon hour.
All students should strive to present a neat, clean appearance. If, in the opinion of a staff member, a student is inappropriately dressed, that student will be asked to change.
Hats may not be worn inside the school.
Clothing should be respectfully modest. Clothing bearing a message will be deemed inappropriate if the message is, vulgar, obscene, sexually-oriented, or promotes drug or alcohol use even if these themes are not directly stated and can only be interpreted as such.
The "B" rule

At all times, clothing should be worn to ensure that butt, breasts, belly, bra, and boxers are not visible.


The following are guidelines only. As guidelines, they may not apply to some specific circumstances, depending on clothing style and individual body dimensions. The “B” rule, common sense, and staff judgement will always take precedence over these guidelines.

Skirts or dresses should be no shorter than one finger length longer than a fully extended arm including the hand, as measured from the outside of the leg.
Shorts should be no shorter than the last knuckle on the hand at the end of a fully extended arm, as measured from the outside of the leg.
Tops should be no lower than the bottom of a closed hand when the thumb and forefinger are holding the collarbone.
Consequences for dress policy violations will adhere to the behaviour matrix values and depend on the context of the situation.

To avoid confusion for younger students, all clothing, especially shoes, boots, mitts, gloves, and jackets, should be labelled with the student's name.

The school cannot be held responsible for damage that occurs to toys brought to school by younger students. Some toys may become disruptive or dangerous. When this happens, a teacher may confiscate the toy(s) and students will be asked to take those toys home.
Students will be expected to pay for the repair or replacement of school property damaged willfully or carelessly.

Hallways and Washrooms

  • Students may leave classes to use the washroom at the discretion of the teacher, but at no time may the washrooms or hallways be used for loitering. If a student fails to return for an extended period of time, teachers may consider the student as late.

According to the Education Act, it is the duty of all students to attend school regularly and punctually. Invariably, poor attendance is directly linked to poor achievement. For these reasons, students are strongly encouraged to attend school regularly.
When students are absent from school, a parent should inform the school so the absence can be cleared. If a parent does not call, the absence will be considered an un-cleared absence.

When a student is absent from school, the Office will phone home and attempt to contact parents.

For students in grades K-6

After every 5 un-cleared absences, a letter will be sent home.

For students in grades 7-12

When a student has an un-cleared absence they will be subject to the school discipline policy.


Students are expected to be in class, ready to work, on time. Students that are habitually late will be expected to make up the time out of class time. Chronic problems will be dealt with through the school’s discipline policy.

Noon Period
If students go home for lunch, they need to return to school by 12:50.

K-6 students may get a drink, use the bathroom, or wash up at the start of their lunch period, and should then remain in their desks in their classrooms to eat. Grades 7-12 are expected to eat in classrooms, not in the hallways. Lunch period lasts until about 12:30. All students must clean up after themselves.

The SRC Canteen and juice machine is open during the noon period for students from grades 6 - 12.
Leaving Campus

Non-town students wishing permission to go leave campus during lunch period need to have a permission form signed by their parent or guardian. Students in gr. 7 to 12 wishing to leave the school during the 15 minute afternoon recess require parental permission on the school permission form. Students in grades 10 to 12 wishing to leave school during their spare are also required to have parental permission. High school students are encouraged to remain at school during their spares to work on their assignments and complete coursework. These permission forms are sent home in Sept. and are available in the office.

Arriving at School
For in-town students, we ask that they try to arrive at school no earlier than 8:35. Our morning supervisors will be on supervision after 8:35.

All use of student vehicles (including grade 12) during school hours, including the noon period, must be approved by the principal. Approval will be granted for legitimate purposes but will be taken away if the privilege is abused.

Drivers are in full charge of the bus and students on it.
Calm and reasonable conduct, consistent with the standards of the school, is expected on the bus.
For consistent inappropriate conduct a driver may report a student to the principal. Discipline could include temporary suspension from riding the bus.
School Equipment and Supplies

A supply list for students is sent out each June. Students are expected to come to school appropriately equipped but there are still numerous educational items supplied at the school.


The library (Resource Center) is the key educational resource in the school. The number of available items is increased each year. To make these items accessible to as many students as possible, the checkout time is limited. Checkout privileges may be suspended for students with overdue resources. If students lose or damage any items that they signed out from the library, they will be responsible for paying the cost to replace or repair the item(s).


Herbert School will provide locks for all students in grades 7-12. Combinations will be kept in the office. A refundable deposit will be required at the start of each school year.

Sports Equipment

Non-consumable sports equipment is supplied, although students are encouraged to purchase items such as badminton racquets and eye protection. Consumables such as badminton shuttlecocks or balls are supplied for classes but should be purchased for personal use. Some of these may be purchased at the school. Students will be charged (replacement cost) for any damaged equipment. The most important item of sports equipment for all students is footwear. To prevent injury and to save the floor, students must have proper gym footwear before they will be allowed to take part in any gym activities.


The SRC (Students' Representative Council) provides leadership for the student body throughout the year. They organize fundraising activities, spirit weeks, school dances, and other social occasions, and they work with the staff to create an enjoyable school climate. Their expenditures include such things as contributions to student activities, each year's graduating class, and the cost of officiating school sports. The SRC operate the school canteen.

Bell Schedule 2014-15

High School


Warning Bell – O’Canada and Announcements


Warning Bell – O’Canada and Announcements


Period 1


Period 1


Period 2


Period 2




Period 3


Period 3






Period 4


Period 4



2:00 -2:15



Period 5


Period 5


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