Mini Prix Jumper Show

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Mini Prix Jumper Show!

At: Split Elm Equestrian! April 11th

553 S. Frankfurt Ave. Galloway, NJ 08330 (609) 576 5508
Start off your showing year with a fun, inexpensive jumping show where all that matters is time and faults. That’s right this show is entirely objective. Leads, Equitation, and style do not matter!!

Fastest time wins! 1st–6th place Trophy/$40 prize for best time of the day! 1st and 2nd runner up receive $20 for Pardners Store

Atlantic Equine sponsoring best time in division prizes

Rail down / First refusal: 4 faults

Second refusal: 8 faults

Fall of rider, off course, or third refusal: elimination

For every fault a second will be added to your time

Ties will result in a jump off round


Helmets are to be worn at all times

Proper riding boots with a heel

Anything else is up to you!!

Schooling of the course will be open at the end of the day!
Divisions: there will be three classes/courses in each division

1.) 4’’ pole hoppers (simplified courses, not eligible for time prizes)

2.) 18’’ elementary jumper

3.) 2’3’’ introductory jumper

4.) 2’6’’ beginner novice jumper

5.) 2’9’’ novice jumper

6.) 3’ mini prix jumper

7.) 3’3’’ training jumper

Some Proceeds to benefit Emily Andrews at Pentathlon JR. Worlds competition! For more information contact us.
Entry Fees: $12 per class or $45 for the day (unlimited classes)

Schooling only fee: $20

8:00 am course open for walking 9:00 am start time
Yüklə 466,5 Kb.

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