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CS-L(DL)248 (04/08/2016) 


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United States Citizens: Documents are NOT required if the documents provided for ALL five (5) of the category 

requirements described below were provided during a previous issuance of a Hawaii driver license, permit or state 

identification card and the application being submitted is for a driver license, permit or state ID card that does not expire 

after 16 years from the date that the documents were last presented.   

Non-U.S. Citizens: Documents are required with each application submitted.   


As of March 5, 2012, applicants for initial and renewal of their driver license, permit or state identification card are 

required to provide original or certified documents to prove each of the following categories:  (1) Legal Presence, (2) 

Legal Name, (3) Date of Birth, and (4) Social Security Number;  and effective May 1, 2014(5) Hawaii Principal 

Residence Address.  Documents presented for proof must be valid originals or certified copies, and unexpired, unless 

otherwise specified.  (Notarized copies or faxes are not acceptable as proof for certified copies.) 


Full names on all documents must be the same.  Additional documents may be required if there is a difference in names 

on the documents submitted.  You must provide "connecting documents" to establish the link between the names of any 

documents that have different names printed.  Refer to the section titled "Acceptable Connecting Documents to Prove 

Legal Name Change(s)".   


Acceptable Documents For:  (1) Legal Presence, (2) Legal Name and (3) Date of Birth 

Document must be a valid original or certified copy, and unexpired.   

(One document is required)



U.S. Citizen   


U.S. State or Local Government issued Certificate of Birth or Birth ID Card   

(In accordance with Puerto Rico Law No. 191, Hawaii does not accept any Puerto Rico birth certificate 

certified before July 1, 2010.)   


U.S. Passport or U.S. Passport Card  


U.S. State or Local Government issued Consular Report of Birth Abroad  


Certificate of Citizenship (N-560 or N-561) 


Certificate of Naturalization (N-550 or N-570)  


Non-U.S. Citizen 


DOJ/ INS I-551 Resident Alien Card issued since 1977 


DOJ/ INS or DHS/ USCIS I-551 Permanent Resident Card (PRC) issued since 1997, with signature or 

“Signature Waived” printed on the PRC. 

(Note:  A PRC which contains a 2-year expiration date is extended for 1 year when presented with a 

DHS/USCIS Form I-797C Receipt Notice for a Form I-751 Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence.)  


DHS/ USCIS I-797 with expired PRC  


DHS/ USCIS I-688 Temporary Resident Card  


DHS/ USCIS I-766 Employment Authorization Card issued since 2004  


Foreign Passport with the appropriate immigration document such as an I-94, I-797A Approval Notice, 

CBP Stamp, USCIS I-551 stamp, or Immigrant Visa.  (In addition the appropriate SEVIS document may 

be required.)   


Acceptable Documents For:  (4) Social Security Number (SSN)  

Document must be a valid original or certified copy, unexpired, and the entire SSN must be printed 

on the document.   

(One document is required)


Social Security Card (Original card.  Plastic or metal cards are not accepted.) 


A pay stub with the applicant's name and printed Social Security Number  


Wage and Tax Statement Form W-2 or l099R.  (A printed electronically transmitted copy is acceptable.)  


Medicare ID Card (Original card with suffix A, M, T, and TA only)  


SSA 1099 form  


Non-SSA 1099 form  


Military ID Card or DD1173 with photo, name and date of birth, or DD-214 (original document) 





CS-L(DL)248 (04/08/2016)     

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For further information please visit our website at       



Acceptable Documents For:  (5) Hawaii Principal Residence Address 

(Two documents from different entities or accounts are required –copies are accepted) 

Documents must show the Hawaii address and the applicant's full first and last name as the addressee.  Documents 

from the same entity must have different account numbers or identifiers.  The Affidavit for Proof of Residence 

form may be applicable to those that do not have any documents with their full first and last name as the 

addressee.  The affidavit provides for the applicant to affirm that the applicant's principal residence is the same as 

the Hawaii address of the person they reside with and documentation will be provided by the affiant.  This 

commonly occurs with children living with their parents but other circumstances may apply as well.  The affidavit 

form must be notarized, or signed by the affiant in person and witnessed by our staff.  The form may be found at: 


  (Affidavit for Proof of Residence) 



Valid Hawaii Driver License, Instruction Permit, State ID card or Driver License Renewal 



Current vehicle registration or title 


Valid insurance statement or card (Examples:  automobile, home owners, life, medical, etc.)   


Mail addressed to the applicant from a government entity (Examples: Voter registration card, 

Real Property tax assessment or bill, etc.)  


Utility bill (Examples:  Electric, Water, Cable TV, Cell Phone, Gas Company, etc.)  


Financial statement (Examples: Bank, Credit Union, or other financial institution Checking 

Account, Savings Account, Investment, Credit Card, Debit Card, etc.)  Two different account 

numbers are required if the documentation is from the same business entity.  


Payroll check or check stub issued by an employer  


Current mortgage account or proof of home ownership 


Current residential rental or time share contract  


W-2 form, or 1099 SSA benefits  


Documentation that the individual is currently receiving State of Hawaii public assistance  


A stamped Department of Taxation form A-6 (Tax Clearance Application)  


Affidavit indicating that the applicant currently resides with the affiant, provided the affiant's 

address can be verified and the affidavit is notarized or witnessed by staff.   

(The form may be found at



P. O. Box numbers are not acceptable to indicate a Hawaii principal residence address unless a 

number and street name have not been assigned for U. S. mail delivery.  An address convention 

used by the U. S. Postal Service is acceptable.   

The following special situation require only 1 document to satisfy this requirement:   


Homeless applicants may provide a letter from their current shelter agency  


Acceptable Connecting Documents To Prove Legal Name Change(s)  

Document must be a valid original or certified copy.   


Marriage Certificate or Civil Union Certificate (U.S. Government Issued) 


Court Order for Name Change / Adoption / Divorce  (Court Seal is required to accept the 



Certified decree of name change from the State of Hawaii Lieutenant Governor's Office 


Naturalization Certificate  


A divorce decree may be used as authority to resume using a previous name only if it contains 

the new name and the previous name, and permits a return to the use of the previous name 

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